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Published on December 17, 2007

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Slide1:  GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION AND HISTORY Located in the heart of the province of Cádiz in the Bull Route, between the mountains and the sea… Slide2:  … Medina Sidonia has a privileged view of country-side and the Bay of Cádiz Slide3:  A visit to this town entails travelling through history. Slide4:  Within its streets we discover past civilizations which are now part of our memory and legacy Slide5:  The Roman colony of Asido Ceasarina was constructed over Phoenician settlements, at the top of “Cerro del Castillo” (Castle Hill), over 300 mts. High. Slide6:  Under Visigoth rule, Medina Sidonia was the capital of a province and has been religious centre since late V century Slide7:  It was invaded by the Muslims in 712 and was capital of the Sidonia Cora (Sadunia) Slide8:  It was reconquered by King Alfonso X El Sabio in 1264 and became part of the frontier with the Nazarí Kingdom of Granada Slide9:  This 3000 year old town has been declared a Historic and Artistic Zone and of Cultural Interest, and was given a Prize to the Beautification of Andalusian Towns Slide10:  It is well known for its beautiful white streets … Slide11:  … its railed balconies and windows … Slide12:  … and its much appreciated, genuine and traditionally made cakes and its vast gastronomy. Slide13:  IES Sidón Medina Sidonia Instituto de Educación Secundaria “Sidón” IES Sidón:  Instituto de Educación Secundaria “Sidón” IES Sidón Sidón Secondary School is located in Medina Sidonia, a town in the province of Cádiz (southern Spain). Its name Sidón comes from an ancient Phoenician settlement (800 BC) IES Sidón Features of the School:  IES Sidón Features of the School It is a state school which depends on Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian government) The current building was opened in 2003 so it is a modern building with all the necessary facilities. We teach 12 to 18 years old. The Secondary Education comprises of: Compulsory Secondary Education, A-levels and Vocational Training Courses At the moment, the school has 516 students and 51 teachers IES Sidón What we offer (1):  IES Sidón What we offer (1) Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO, Educación Secundaria Obligatoria), (12 to 16). It comprises of: 3 groups of 1º ESO (year 8), 81 students 3 groups of 2º ESO (year 9), 75 students 3 groups of 3º ESO (year 10), 77 students 3 groups of 4º ESO (year 11), 68 students The students from 1st to 3rd of ESO study the same subjects. In the fourth year there are four different options that you can take according to the students’ interests. IES Sidón What we offer (2):  A-LEVELS (Bachillerato) (16 to 18) and Vocational Training Courses (Ciclos Formativos). There are two options for A-LEVELS. Natural Sciences, (41 students) Humanities and Social Sciences (48 students) Bachillerato students have to pass an exam before they go to University. Bachillerato students have direct access to Ciclos Formativos de Grado Superior (Higher Level Vocational Training Courses) IES Sidón What we offer (2) IES Sidón What we offer (3):  IES Sidón What we offer (3) Vocational Training Courses Intermediate Level (16 to 18): Students can take this course when they have their Compulsory Secondary Education Certificate. There are two different options at this level Administration (59 students) ITC (20 students) Higher Level: Students can take this course when they have passed A-levels. They have to be 18. Currently there are 47 students. The option at this level is Business and Administration. IES Sidón Timetable and School Year:  IES Sidón Timetable and School Year Everybody has 30 hours a week, 6 hours a day Monday to Friday. We start on 15th September and finish on 22nd June. Our holidays are as follows: Christmas: 22nd December to 7th January Easter: one week We start at 8:15 and finish at 14:45 with a break from 11:15 to 11:45 IES Sidón Staff:  IES Sidón Staff IES Sidón Facilities:  IES Sidón Facilities 26 classrooms 3 labs 6 ITC rooms 5 trolleys equipped with laptops for use in classrooms 2 Technology workshops 2 Art rooms 1 Language lab 1 Music room 1 Gym (480 m2) 2 multisport pitches 2 multimedia rooms IES Sidón Bilingual Project (1):  IES Sidón Bilingual Project (1) In the 2004/2005 school year the Andalusian Government introduced their Plurilingual Plan whose main objective is to focus on the acquisition of foreign languages. The schools which were interested in the Project had to present their own personalised Plan. IES Sidón presented its Plan and it was passed in the school year 2005/2006. Preparation and organization started in 2006/2007 school year and it was implemented in September 2007 for 1º ESO. IES Sidón Bilingual Project (2):  IES Sidón Bilingual Project (2) Our bilingual project consists of studying parts of some subjects like History or Science in English to reinforce their language learning. In other words, students have English classes and they also use English in other classes. This means that some of our staff will have to have a good command of English. Students can choose if they want to be part of the bilingual project IES Sidón Bilingual Project (3):  IES Sidón Bilingual Project (3) Teachers involved in this project: Subject Number of teachers English 3 French 1 Spanish Language 2 Biology and Geology 3 Physics and Chemistry 2 Technology 1 Geography and History 1 Physical Education 1 Music 1 IES Sidón Bilingual Project (4):  IES Sidón Bilingual Project (4) The teachers are improving their English by attending courses in the Official School of Languages and conversation classes in the school with two language assistants. Every week the teachers meet to liaise. IES Sidón Bilingual Project (5):  IES Sidón Bilingual Project (5) 30% of the classes of the subjects involved in the Project is taught in English. English is taught by using readings, activities, exercises … although the explanation of contents is in Spanish. We will make sure that the bilingual project does not affect the learning of contents. Student assessment in English will always be marked positively so students will be encouraged even if they make mistakes. IES Sidón Bilingual Project (6):  IES Sidón Bilingual Project (6) Our students in 1º ESO will now follow this programme until 4º ESO. IES Sidón Bilingual Project (7):  IES Sidón Bilingual Project (7) In summary, the Bilingual Project has ultimately a cultural aim: to encourage relations between European citizens. This was the objective outlined in the Plurilingual Plan. This is also the reason why we are here today to establish a partnership between Ridgeway School and IES Sidón and organise joint activities which will allow staff and students of both schools to share knowledge and experience.

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