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Published on June 24, 2020

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1. New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group #ImpactSalesforceSaturday Introduction to Copado -Hariprasath Thanarajah - Senior Salesforce Developer LEARN . SHARE . CELEBRATE . SALESFORCE

2. About Me: Hariprasath Thanarajah ● Senior Salesforce Developer @ Wiley ● Copado MVP ● 4 X SF Certified and 2 X Copado Certified Developer ● Salesforce Analytics Champion https://www.linkedin.com/in/hariprasath-thanarajah-5234b660/ @hariss63 https://trailblazer.me/id/hthanarajah

3. New Delhi Salesforce DG • First Revival Meetup in February 2016 • Twitter: https://twitter.com/newdelhisfdcdug • Hashtag: #ImpactSalesforceSaturday • New Delhi Salesforce DG Trailblazer Community Group: http://bit.ly/NewDelhiCommunity • Website: https://newdelhisfdcdug.com

4. Aim : To understand what is Copado in terms of Salesforce DevOps. Prerequisites : Nothing specifically , But better to know the basics. • Salesforce basics – About Salesforce Organizations. • Git Basics (Optional) • Salesforce Deployment processes.

5. What is Copado? Copado is the #1 DevOps tools native to Salesforce that helps Admin, Developers, Release Managers, and the Product Owners to deliver the feature in a faster and secure manner to the market. Before moving to Copado?

6. Limitations in Change sets - We can’t deploy the different types of metadata in one shot. - It’s not feasible to merge code in a common Salesforce org from other developer org’s. - We can’t use the same Change set to move the changes to different environments. - It’s not possible to integrate with Version Control System. - There are no ways to do partial deployment using Change Set. - …………. Tools and the Limitations of other Deployment options Change Sets Force.com Migration Tools Force.com IDE/ Eclipse

7. Copado Architecture Copado enables you to Operate Salesforce Faster with More Trust

8. Copado Architecture Copado Back End

9. • Faster time to Market • Reduce the risk for the Complex implementation (like conflict resolution, point and click UI’s to achieve our goals) • More Secure, Predictable and stable releases • Align the business goals with Technology • Optimize the Team’s performance. The values that Copado brings to the team

10. • How the user can access Copado in Production? • How they can commit the changes with the integrated Git repository? • How Copado sync the metadata in Org and Git? • How the user are authorized to access the Copado? How we can use the Copado

11. • Assign the App Exchange Licenses and the Copado Permission sets. • Create and authenticate an Org Credentials for the user against the Org where the Copado is installed. • Assign feature-based licenses to the authenticated user via Copado license Manager. • Generate a personal API key to interact with the API’s. Initial configurations to start using Copado

12. • Copado Enterprise License. • Copado Change Management License. • Copado Branch Management License. • Copado Agile Delivery License. • Copado Compliance Hub License. • Advance Data Deploy. • Copado Selenium Testing. Copado Licenses


14. • Signup to Copado Community - https://success.copado.com/ • Signup to GitHub - https://github.com/join • Create a Playground to hands-on with Copado. • Copado Community -> Click HELP & TRAINING tab -> MY PLAYGROUNDS -> Create NEXT SESSION • We will be discussing the key elements of Copado (Org Credentials, Environments, Git Repository, Git Snapshots, Pipeline, Projects, and User Story). • Deploy changes from lower environments until production. Pre-Requisite for the next session

15. Follow & Join New Delhi Salesforce DG • Join to know about future events and to RSVP: https://trailblazercommunitygroups.com/delhi-in-developers-group/ • Let’s start conversations on Success Community: http://bit.ly/NewDelhiCommunity • Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/newdelhisfdcdug • Hashtag: #ImpactSalesforceSaturday • Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newdelhisfdcdug • For all the content: https://newdelhisfdcdug.com

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