Importance of Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Information about Importance of Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Published on July 22, 2014

Author: appliedcryotech



Importance of LNG storage: Importance of LNG storage Applied Cryo Technologies LNG AS A GLOBAL FUEL: LNG AS A GLOBAL FUEL LNG or liquefied natural gas is one of the most important fuels in the present global scenario and can be use for a vivid variety of purposes. Since the nature of the fuel is gaseous when initially processed, it needs to be converted to a liquid state to facilitate transportation as well as storage. This conversion of state from gaseous to the liquid form is brought about by using cryogenic liquids like liquid nitrogen and controlling the pressure of the storage container. STORAGE TANKS USED FOR STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION : STORAGE TANKS USED FOR STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION Since LNG is liquefied using cryogenics thus maintenance of appropriate conditions is of extreme importance to maintain the liquid state of the fuel. For this very purpose specially designed storage tanks are used. The tanks are designed in a manner that provide maximum insulation and thus help in the maintenance of the state. The tanks are designed as two concentric cylinders with insulation provided between the two and the LNG stored in the centre. IMPORTANCE OF STORAGE TANKS : IMPORTANCE OF STORAGE TANKS LNG is an important fuel on the global scale thus it becomes more than just necessary to store it safely and effectively aid it’s transportation. Usage of gas pipelines be it onshore or be it offshore adds to the cost of the fuel that is not preferable. In order to tackle this situation storage cylinders come in handy. Extremely durable and having the capacity to store and transport LNG over large distances, storage tanks are more than pivotal for the oil and gas industry. APPLIED CRYOTECH AND LNG INDUSTRY: APPLIED CRYOTECH AND LNG INDUSTRY As a LNG storage tank manufacturer, Applied Cryotech understands the need of the hour and delivers on its promise to provide the best storage and transportation solutions to its esteemed clients. Over the years the techniques used for development have taken leaps into the future while keeping the basics simple and clean. This is what makes us the leaders when it comes to providing effective storage and transportation solutions for the oil and gas industry. CONNECT WITH US..! : CONNECT WITH US..! 7150, Almeda Genoa Rd Houston , TX 77075 ( 281) 888-3884 /

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