Important Points To Know About Water Damage

Information about Important Points To Know About Water Damage

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: Richardsoonn



Important Points To Know About Water Damage: Important Points To Know About Water Damage PowerPoint Presentation: Whenever there is a fire in an apartment or home the majority of the damage comes from Water Damage. This is often the most common reasons that individuals file claims on their home or renters insurance. In any apartment complex, the fire started in one apartment but all the adjoining apartments will usually have water damage . PowerPoint Presentation: But what if you went to read your insurance policy and found out that you were not covered for water damage caused by a fire in another apartment? Who is responsible? In some policies the water damage caused by another apartment fire the renter of the apartment that burned who is responsible for water damage to any other apartment. PowerPoint Presentation: Makes you want to talk to all your neighbors to see if they have renters insurance are not. Although there are some apartment leases that require you to have renters insurance, often the renter will lie and just say yes they have it.   PowerPoint Presentation: Come on in and Take a Look Around water damage

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