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Published on August 4, 2014

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IMPOSSIBILTY OF TRANSLATION : A CASE STUDY: IMPOSSIBILTY OF TRANSLATION : A CASE STUDY DEBAPRASAD BANDYOPADHYAY Indian Statistical Institute Sequel to “ Ekalavya’s Thumb And Governance of Translation ” / PowerPoint Presentation: A n ad hoc hypothesis Rabindranath Tagore translated Eliot’s ‘ The Journey of the Magi’ without reading ‘Journey of the Magi.’ PowerPoint Presentation: In Paricay ( Baisakh , 1339, ed. Sudhindranath Dutta ), Rabindranath’s “ adhunik kavya ” was published. It was a discourse against the writings of modern English poets, especially against the poems of T.S. Eliot. Bishnu De was not happy with that text. Bishnu De translated “Journey of the Magi” (Ariel 8) in Bangla and gave it to Rabindranath for prosaic metrical rectification without mentioning Eliot’s name and without providing DT. PowerPoint Presentation: Rabindranath rectified it and it was published in Paricay ( Magh , 1339). (cf. representation 1) The Editor of Paricay disclosed the ‘conspiracy’ to Rabindranath.   Rabindranath then appreciated Eliot’s verse. PowerPoint Presentation: Another version/representation of the same ET was published in Punasca , 2 nd edition ( Phalgun , 1340. Cf. Representation-2) And another representation is found at the end of Sudhindranath Dutta’s essay, “ kavyer mukti ” ( Sravana , 1338), though this representation-3 was not included at the time of the publication of the said essay by Dutta . It was inserted in 1938, when “ kavyer mukti ” was included in a collection, Swagata by Dutta .   PowerPoint Presentation: All these series of events was depicted by Bisnu De in 1372 in an essay, “ Rabindanath o silpasahitye adhunikata . ( Saradiya Sahityapatra , 1372)   PowerPoint Presentation: BISNU DEY 18.07.1909 --- 03.12.1982 RABINDRANTH’S CORRECTIONS: RABINDRANTH’S CORRECTIONS PowerPoint Presentation: Identity Confusion: Who is the author of these representations? PowerPoint Presentation: Out of these four representations Which one is better translation? Is it possible to re-translate each representation? If anyone wishes to write a paper in a different language on these series of incidences with a view to share it with wider audience, how does s/he re-translate all these four representations?? PowerPoint Presentation: THE RESIDUE : THE ECLIPSE OF THE SYMBOLIC ORDER Silence (1963 Movie by Ingmar Bergman) : Silence ( 1963 Movie by Ingmar Bergman) Two sisters, Ester and Anna and Anna's son, Johan, a boy of 10, are on a night train journey back home. Ester,  a translator, who is suffering from severe , pain, is dying , They decide to interrupt the journey in the next town called "Timoka", fictitious country with an incomprehensible language. Courtesy: Wikipedia PowerPoint Presentation: At the end of the film, Ester gives Johan a note. After he and Anna have boarded the train, Johan reads the title: "To Johan – words in a foreign language". Uninterested, Anna opens the window and cools herself with the outside rain . Courtesy: Wikipedia THE WORD IN UNKNOWN LANGUAGE: : THE WORD IN UNKNOWN LANGUAGE: “HADIEK” WHAT DOES IT MEAN? PowerPoint Presentation: For detailed discussion, browse the following link and if you wish, you may download it in pdf .-format. 2006. তর্জমার তর্জনী বা একলব্যের বুড়ো আঙ্গুল (The Governance of Translation and Ekalavya's Thumb) . Rabindranath’s Translation of Eliot’s “Journey of the Magi” and the plurality of translations. Kolkata: Janapadaprayas.ISBN-81-902893-1-4 .

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