In New York City, Can I Get Arrested For Unemployment Benefits Fraud

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Published on August 2, 2014

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In NYC, Will Unemployment Benefits Fraud: In NYC, Will Unemployment Benefits Fraud Get Me Arrested? Get Me Arrested?: Get Me Arrested? Unemployment Benefit Fraud is a common thing that has seen an upsurge with the economic downturn and financial fall out. This is a specific sum of income that the unemployed percentage of society acquires in order to have essential life amenities until employed. This is truly the taxpayers’ income which the Government pays off to the unemployed individuals to assist them to get back in line. But with the economic downturn and drop in the financial development, there are huge layoffs from almost all sectors of businesses. Get Me Arrested?: Get Me Arrested? Also, there are very few job opportunities in the market and the levels of competition are harsh and challenging. These scenarios have resulted in people being desperate and deceitful as expected from these kinds of dire scenarios. Reasons behind committing Unemployment Benefits Scams: It is one of those things which are outcomes of distressed and stressful circumstances. When a person is productively employed, they plan and make an investment toward their long term future. Get Me Arrested?: Get Me Arrested? They take threats and make hard decisions to make a far better living depending upon the truth that there is income arriving by the end of the month. There are scenarios where people expend their savings on financial loans and home mortgages for new property to get started with a family and all of a sudden when they are given the pink slip, the carpet is pulled under them. They turn out to be distressed and frustrated and get involved with criminal offenses like committing frauds with their unemployment benefits. However there are also some uninspired and idle people who do such acts only to handle their expenses as they do not like to work. Get Me Arrested?: Get Me Arrested? Convictions in New York City: Most people do not think about the consequences from an act of fraud and look at it lightly. The inquiry that should be definitely resolved before even thinking accomplishing such a thing is ‘Could I Be Charged for Unemployment Benefits Fraud in New York City?’ There is a simple and direct answer to that inquiry and it's yes indeed, there is certainly an arrest made for it. Get Me Arrested?: Get Me Arrested? There had been about One fifty nine arrests made in the New York only in 2009 as per the New York Department of Labor, pertaining to unemployment benefits fraud. The amount of cash that was stolen was unveiled as $800,122 from the New York State Unemployment Insurance Fund. Therefore, it is important that these activities be discouraged. The cases associated with unemployment benefits fraud in New York is examined by the Department of Labor. The cases are analyzed on personal basis and particular cases designated and forwarded to local District Attorney’s office or Office of Attorney General to conduct criminal prosecutions. The accusations of felony are made on the offender if criminally prosecuted for unemployment benefit insurance fraud in New York. Get Me Arrested?: Get Me Arrested? Bottom line: As explained that every case must be analyzed separately as to the conditions causing the criminal offense. When charged with such criminal offense it is always much better to get expert advice from an established NYC Criminal Defense Attorney accessible to guide at NYC Criminal Defense Attorney . Get Me Arrested?: Get Me Arrested? Joseph Potashnik & Associates 111 Broadway Suite 1305 New York, NY 10006 (212) 577-6677 http:// /

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