Industrial Hemp On the Grow

Information about Industrial Hemp On the Grow

Published on June 13, 2016

Author: pamela416302



This is about survival...: This is about survival... How would you describe the future of rural Kansas? Lets do something about it! Industrial hemp is an efficient crop with dozens of uses and associated industries, all of which can provide numerous jobs within the state . Industrial Hemp is not the same as Marijuana: Industrial Hemp is not the same as Marijuana Industrial Hemp is a field crop that has negligible amounts of THC, the psychoactive substance in the drug Marijuana. Marijuana is typically grown in different ways to emphasize the growth of flowers and buds, industrial hemp is grown in fields with an emphasis on stalks. Marijuana cannot be grown close to industrial hemp as it will dilute the psychoactive ingredient THC, thus making it undesirable to sell. Industrial Hemp is efficient: Industrial Hemp is efficient Hemp is frost tolerant, uses less water than Cotton and other crops, requires no herbicides or pesticides, requires only a moderate amount of fertilizer, and grows naturally in all 50 states. A hemp crop will mature in 120 days, and can produce as much paper in an acre as 2 to 4 acres of trees. Hemp has the largest biomass yield of any crop and can be used to produce significant amounts of oil and ethanol fuel. The production and harvesting of hemp requires less maintenance than logging and many other crops. The products of Industrial Hemp: The products of Industrial Hemp Getting in on the ground floor: Getting in on the ground floor Industrial Hemp has many ways to improve with modern crop harvesting and processing techniques. Being one of the first states where it is harvested will: Allow for the many nascent industries that produce the products to get a start here. Allow for improved research and development, which will bring other jobs and promote efficiency. Political call to action: Political call to action At the Federal Level: For passage of S134: Industrial Hemp Farming Act Sen . Pat Roberts (R-KS) Phone: 316-263-0416 Sen . Jerry Moran (R-KS) Phone: 620-232-2286 For passage of HR 525 Rep . Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) Phone: 620-231-5966 Let’s do something about it!: Let’s do something about it!

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