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Published on July 30, 2014

Author: maynardpaye



PowerPoint Presentation: Atlanta’s Premier Eco Friendly Mobile Waterless Car Wash Infiniti G37 & E63 AMG Mercedes Benz: Infiniti G37 & E63 AMG Mercedes Benz Mobile car wash in Atlanta details a beautiful convertible G37 and Mercedes Benz E63 AMG.  Check out the beautiful Vellano wheels on the Mercedes, especially the before and after, our waterless car wash works well on the Vellano wheels, taking off the brake dust and giving it a great shine! infiniti g37 convertible interior – waterless hand car wash eco auto clean   infiniti g37 convertible waterless car wash mobile detailer atlanta eco auto clean Infiniti G37 & E63 AMG Mercedes Benz:  e63 amg mercedes benz butler tire vellano wheel before waterless car wash eco auto clean e63 butler tire amg mercedes vellano wheel after waterless car wash virginia highland eco auto clean Infiniti G37 & E63 AMG Mercedes Benz Infiniti G37 & E63 AMG Mercedes Benz: Infiniti G37 & E63 AMG Mercedes Benz amg e63 mercedes benz waterless car wash eco auto clean e63 mercedes benz amg waterless car washeco auto clean Infiniti G37 & E63 AMG Mercedes Benz: Infiniti G37 & E63 AMG Mercedes Benz e63 black mercedes benz virginia highland eco auto clean amg e63 mercedes benz waterless car wash virginia highlands atlanta eco auto clean Advanced Ultra Nano : Advanced Ultra Nano The ultimate exterior cleaning & detailing solution: clean, refresh, shine & protect in one. Water-based, environmentally friendly product, contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives which could damage paintwork and trim. Unique formula contains an advanced blend of surfactants, polymers, carnauba and the latest Nano technology waxes. Advanced Ultra-Nano releases and suspends dirt and grime from all exterior surfaces to create a superb showroom, ‘just waxed’ finish. Nano wax technology creates a mirror-gloss finish with added UV protection and repels water & dirt build-up for easy repeat cleaning. Available in ready-to-use and super concentrate formulations. Professional : Professional Innovative detailing solution which cleans and shines all exterior vehicle surfaces in one. Environmentally friendly formula releases and suspends dirt; ensuring surfaces are deep-cleaned and polished. Ideal for cleaning and detailing paintwork, plastic trim, glass, chrome etc. Fast and easy to use; simply spray, wipe and buff to shine. Creates a showroom finish in minutes. Universal Cleaner : Universal Cleaner Versatile, water-based, multi-surface cleaner. Environmentally friendly formula is fully biodegradable and contains no harsh detergent or abrasive chemicals. Active robust cleaning action for all exterior surfaces including paintwork wheels and glass. Quickly and efficiently lifts away stubborn traffic film, brake dust, grease, tree sap, insect remains, tar and bird lime. Unique Pearl cleaning technology is tough on dirt but gentle on surfaces making Universal ideal for cleaning all interior hard and soft interior surfaces; carpets, fabrics, plastic, vinyl and leather trim. Eco Tyre Shine : Eco Tyre Shine Water-based, zero VOC multi-surface detailing product.Quick and easy to use; clean, polish and detail exterior and interior surfaces, leaves and outstanding non-greasy  finish.Ideal for dressing and revitalizing tyres , rubber, vinyl, leather, plastic (external & internal trim) etc. Detailed surfaces are protected and sealed, repels the build-up of traffic film, dust and moisture.Variable gloss shine to suit all tastes; spray onto surface and leave to air dry for high shine, to reduce gloss shine wipe surface over. PowerPoint Presentation: Pearl® Manufacturing Processes & Product Quality Standards Pearl® high performance waterless products and first class manufacturing processes are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 & BS EN 14001: 2004 British quality standards and in full compliance with REACH. Our Quality Standards, Environmental Legislation Compliance & associated Operating Procedures implemented, ensures that Pearl®’s manufacturing excellence fully meets all the requirements of these industry standards, which encompasses the development, manufacture, processing and distribution of chemicals and specialty chemicals for the Automotive, Marine and Transport Cleaning Industries PowerPoint Presentation: Visit us @

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