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Published on July 12, 2014

Author: goddydanny



PowerPoint Presentation: A Real Financial Solution for EVERYONE! PowerPoint Presentation: Success Combination Internet Marketing Home Based Business PowerPoint Presentation: The Company Owners Juan Carlos Olaya President Co- founder Dwayne Golden CEO Co- founder Bill White Co- Founder CMO Jatin Patel Co- Founder CIO Programming PowerPoint Presentation: MAINTENANCE COST OF ONLY $25 6 BUSINESS CENTERS BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR BUSINESS DIRECTOR BUSINESS SPECIALIST BUSINESS VICEPRESIDENT BUSINESS MANAGER “ONE TIME PAYMENT” BUSINESS PRESIDENT PowerPoint Presentation: Products / Services Catalog Digital Products Complete prospecting Systems on autopilot 24/7/365 to sell your digital products Integrated payment platform to your prospecting system running 24/7/365 Free Autoresponder service according to your business level Free Acess to IC Trainig Center – The best place to Learn Internet Marketing Free Professional Hosting Service According to your Business level Graphic Banners Your Own Domain Name Your Own Icloud service – according to your Business Level Your Own App , Become an APP Business Owner PowerPoint Presentation: Digital Products Get Access to the amazing world of digital products! Get them FREE !, Learn how to use them for your internet business, Sell them and get the 100% from those sales! PowerPoint Presentation: Autoresponder IngresoCybernetico has created Icresponder : our own autoresponder service private label! Manage your “social capital” online with Icresponder ! PowerPoint Presentation: Web Hosting IngresoCybernetico has created ICHostWorld : our own smart private label hosting service ! Manage your internet websites with ICHostWorld !, Hosting your internet business , your web pages with our excellent hosting service PowerPoint Presentation: IngresoCloud IngresoCybernetico has created IngresoCloud : our own hosting service in the clouds private label ! Create backups of all your data security and access it anywhere in the world without a computer PowerPoint Presentation: Domain Name IngresoCybernetico allows you to access your own domain name service completely FREE !. Put a name to your Internet Marketing business! Build trust and credibility! PowerPoint Presentation: App’s Owner IngresoCybernetico allows you to access your own Business App, with IngresoApp you will be able to build your own Aplication for the business you decide, our programmers will build it for you! PowerPoint Presentation: Our Plans PowerPoint Presentation: Our Plans PowerPoint Presentation: 2 Way of Payment ! FRANCHISE PAYMENT PLAN Uni Level Payment PLAN by Cycling on business Centers for the affiliates maintenance fees Immediate Income for SHIELDING YOUR PRESENT! Immediate Income for SHIELDING YOUR FUTURE! PowerPoint Presentation: FRANCHISE PAYMENT SYSTEM The rights You acquire in business centers You have the right to link UNLIMITED people / clients under your referral link You have the right to reinvest your commissions on all or each of the remaining business centers or simply collect your commissions in cash or pay for your other affiliates You have the right to generate unlimited income on business centers and income in the Unilevel payment plan (if you are active in the business, only $ 25/month on any business center) PowerPoint Presentation: YOU CENTERS SUMMARY $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 BUSINESS SPECIALIST YOU $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 BUSINESS MANAGER YOU $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 BUSINESS DIRECTOR YOU BUSINESS VICEPRESIDENT $1.500 $1.500 $1.500 $1.500 $1.500 $1.500 ENTREPRENEUR SPECIALIST MANAGER DIRECTOR VICEPRESIDENT E.V. PRESIDENT YOU BUSINESS PRESIDENT $3.500 $3.500 $3.500 $3.500 $3.500 $3.500 THAT IS… …“I.C. is a REAL financial solution for ordinary people !” The system can be used as gradual steps to capitalize yourself ! SPECIALIST MANAGER DIRECTOR VICEPRESIDENT ENTREPRENEUR E.V. PRESIDENT PowerPoint Presentation: FRANCHISE PAYMENT SYSTEM PowerPoint Presentation: FRANCHISE PAYMENT SYSTEM PowerPoint Presentation: FRANCHISE PAYMENT SYSTEM PowerPoint Presentation: FRANCHISE PAYMENT SYSTEM PowerPoint Presentation: CYCLIC INCOME PowerPoint Presentation: Regular Member Unilevel Payment Example with 4 Direct Members ONLY PowerPoint Presentation: Presidential Club Unilevel Plan First Level $ 50 Second Level $ 20 Third Level $ 10 Fourth Level $ 10 Fifth Level $ 10 Fast Start bonus PowerPoint Presentation: Monthly Residual Income UniLevel Presidential Club PowerPoint Presentation: If you are looking forward to either building a 6 figure business or add a new 6 figure business to your portfolio . If you partner with us in IC we will give you the video describing the exact FB strategy AND all training webinars we have done so far and also walk you step by step on how we have made over $6K Part Time individually. You'll also be included in all future private team webinars where we train and discuss other strategies. Here is the company site: You can also text me your email, name and phone number via my phone: +13865303613

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