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Published on July 11, 2014

Author: dolphinenergy



Inspired Energy Healing and Spiritual Growth: Inspired Energy Healing and Spiritual Growth Dolphin Energy Healing: Dolphin Energy Healing Since 1999 Earth’s dolphins and whales have connected with me, Kathryn Jensen, and my clients through energy kinesiology sessions. Until recently clients included children with special needs-Indigo, crystal, and psychic children as well as adult spiritual seekers craving in-depth personal growth and energy healing. Presently I work exclusively with adults. The dolphins and whales use me as a conduit for immersing clients in their joyful, unbelievably powerful healing presence.  Through these experiences I've discovered my purpose, which is ultimately to create a bridge between you and the cetaceans. I do so by providing you with cetacean inspired systems for personal and spiritual growth. Dolphin Energy Healing Sessions: Dolphin Energy Healing Sessions The healing work I facilitate merges techniques from energy kinesiology, energy psychology, life-coaching and the dolphin-whale assisted techniques you are introduced to on this website.  Although this website emphasizes options for developing skills in self-healing and self-directed personal growth, which is critical for our well-being, Sometimes stuckness , overwhelm and frustration take over.  It’s time to ask for help. I can help you navigate through life’s rough spots, with focused sessions, that very specifically identify sabotaging beliefs. Such beliefs can create obstacles physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Theseenergy healing sessions emphasize chakra balancing and clearing with frequencies called The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness. I’ve helped experienced light workers and beginners clear impossibly stubborn patterns-relationship challenges, chronic physical afflictions, career and money issues-anything that prevents one from leading a joyful, fulfilling life. Beyond 2012: Beyond 2012 "Beyond 2012" is the page on this website where you will be provided with on-going support from the dolphins, the whales, Ascended Masters, Archangels and others who love you. This page provides supportive transmissions and activations, meant to help you become refined, purified yet grounded and stable as you experience the immensely loving consciousness flooding all human hearts, right now, as we enter the New Age, and immerse ourselves in a very sacred, healing frequency Jesus and Sai Baba ask that I call “The Heart Mind of God.” To tell you the truth these transmissions, even though I am the one who receives and records them, are very much uncharted waters for me. I don’t know what expect but I do know and trust those who pulse their consciousness through me. I know were in for quite a transformational journey. And I know that our hearts are going to expand as we free ourselves from fear and touch base with what our Gods and Goddesses within our hearts are here to do. We’ll learn about ourselves at a level that takes us directly to our own unique purpose for being alive. For more information please visit our website For more information please visit our website

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