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Published on March 26, 2009

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Install Window XP : Install Window XP Project Work WITH AAMIR RASHID Begin the Installation : Begin the Installation Insert the Windows XP CD and restart your computer. If prompted to start from the CD, press SPACEBAR. On the Welcome Page : On the Welcome Page On the Welcome to Setup page, press ENTER. On the Licensing Agreement page : On the Licensing Agreement page On the Licensing Agreement page, read the licensing agreement. Then press F8. Delete the existing partition : Delete the existing partition Press D, and then press L when prompted to deletes your existing data. Partition Selection : Partition Selection Press ENTER to select Unpartitioned space, which appears by default. Format the Partition : Format the Partition Press ENTER again to select Format the partition using the NTFS file system. Formatting : Formatting Windows XP format the hard drive and then copies the setup files. Select Regional and Language Options : Select Regional and Language Options After select, click NEXT. Personalize your Win XP : Personalize your Win XP Type your name and your organization name, click NEXT. Type in your Product Key : Type in your Product Key Find your product key from the CD case, type in and click NEXT. Type in Computer Name & Administrator password : Type in Computer Name & Administrator password After type in, remember to write the password down, click NEXT. On the Date and Time Settings page : On the Date and Time Settings page Set your computer’s clock. Then select your time zone, click NEXT. Networking Settings : Networking Settings Select Typical Settings, click NEXT. On the Workgroup or Computer Domain page : On the Workgroup or Computer Domain page Display Settings : Display Settings Monitor Settings : Monitor Settings Click OK if you can read the text. Welcome to Microsoft Windows page : Welcome to Microsoft Windows page Click NEXT Protect your PC : Protect your PC Click Help protect my PC by turning on Automatic Updates now. Click Next Check the Internet Connection : Check the Internet Connection Check the Internet Connection Method : Check the Internet Connection Method Activate Windows : Activate Windows Click Yes, if you are connected to the Internet. Neither Click No. Register with Microsoft : Register with Microsoft Click YES to register Collecting Registration Information : Collecting Registration Information Complete the form. Then click NEXT. Type in User’s Name : Type in User’s Name Complete the Installation : Complete the Installation End of Installation of Window XP : End of Installation of Window XP ~ May God Bless You More……………. ~ System Engineer Aamir Rashid Sahil MCP, MCSE, MCSA, A+ MCT(WINDOWS+LINUX) QUESTIONS : QUESTIONS Answers INSHA ALLAH [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

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