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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: sksharma8384



PowerPoint Presentation: Y antra www. Microsystems PowerPoint Presentation:  An Overview of IntelliGEN PowerPoint Presentation: IntelliGEN IntelliGEN is a Cloud Based solution, which manages your Gensets by acquiring the real time data from them and also manages your crucial business requirements like .. An intelligent system for Genset Business Customer Care support Service Crew Management Management Reports Customer Management PowerPoint Presentation:  Main Features of IntelliGEN PowerPoint Presentation: IntelliGEN a smart way to manage your Genset Business Customer Complaints Management Complaint & Work Status Breakdown Alerts to Service crew Breakdown Alert through SMS/Mail Service done entries Service crew allocation Dashboard of daily business requirements. Servicemen Field time tracking Timely alerts on unattended complaints Genset Service details History Real-time Data of generator Alerts on Minor Faults for self correction PowerPoint Presentation:  Working of IntelliGEN PowerPoint Presentation: Diesel Generator IntelliGEN’s hardware IntelliGEN Login SMS/Mail of Faults Login details Service Details Real-time Data Log Self Corrective fault alerts Genset Real-time Data Service History Fuel calculator DASHBOARD Upcoming AMC Renewals Faulty Gensets Open Complaints Customer Info Servicemen Field tracking Work in Progress details Escalated Complaints Real Time Parameters like Battery level Fuel Level Coolant Temperature Oil pressure Current, Voltage Power Frequency, PF, RPM Energy Generated Running Hours Reach us at Mob: +91 9886434160: Reach us at Mob: +91 9886434160 Need to provide better customer satisfaction and stay ahead in your competitive business, call us to help you achieve it.

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