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Published on August 1, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Intelligent Real Estate Solutions - Berlin Real Estate Services About US: About US Property search services operate with great success in liquid real estate markets in major cities across the world – but are yet to be widely offered in Germany. GATE Berlin is first in delivering the concept to buyers of Berlin residential properties and sourcing investment opportunities across Germany. Over the years, GATE Berlin’s principals have learnt about effective property search and purchase in cities including New York, Paris and Sydney, combining this valuable experience with decades of negotiating the Berlin property market. Berlin Real Estate: Berlin Real Estate Sustainable trends in the Berlin Real Estate market Over recent years, the Berlin real estate market has achieved significant momentum. In particular, foreign buyers have discovered value in Berlin property investments and are providing an additional boost to purchase rates. The appeal of the German capital is greater than ever, following a period of relatively stagnant growth – with the population exceeding the 3.5 million in 2012 and the Berlin Senate predicting an increase of 7% to 3.8 million residents by 2030 . According to experts, there is little current danger of a price bubble burst in the Berlin property market, despite healthy rises of 8.8% during 2012. A sustainable relationship between supply and demand remains, given that Berlin property sales operated at an extremely low level for a long time, with very little new housing construction over the past 15 years . Opportunities for property buyers in Berlin: Opportunities for property buyers in Berlin Overview of the price segments according to location Despite the balance between supply and demand of Berlin property, it is becoming noticeably more difficult to find well-priced properties in the best locations. The luxury segment offers the least number of available properties – with top properties frequently sold during the planning stages of construction or renovation . Purchase prices of properties in the lower segment of the market and peripheral locations range from €1,000-2,500 per square meter. For properties with good amenities in the better locations, prices can range from €2,500-3,500 per square meter. In up market  locations with better amenities prices go up to €5,500 per square meter. At €3,588, the district of Mitte leads price per square meter for new average constructions, followed by Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf at €3,301 . Property Investors Guide in Berlin: Property Investors Guide in Berlin GATE Berlin supports its clients in developing their optimum personal investment strategy and finding suitable investment property in Berlin and defined locations in Germany to achieve it. Before we start our search on your behalf, it is crucial to develop your individual client profile. Together, we define the geographic area(s) and property types based on your identified needs, required equity, yield prospective and risk analysis. We can offer co-investment solutions for acquiring a share in an investment property or block of rental apartments – putting you in contact with interested national and international buyers and structuring the entire process. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Contact Us GATE Berlin property invest GmbH Kurfürstendamm 30 Berlin 10719 Germany Phone: +49 (0)30 327 66 540 Email: [email protected]

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Who is GATEBerlin?