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Published on December 6, 2009

Author: zingert



Slide 1: Wacky Weather Fun! Learn about the different types of weather!!!!! By: Timothy Zinger ED 205-01 Interactive PowerPoint Weather Video Slide 2: Choose a Weather Condition Quit Slide 3: Stratus Cirrus Cumulus Cumulonimbus Cloudy Types of Clouds Quit Slide 4: Gray clouds Cover most of the sky Can produce light mist and drizzle but no significant precipitation Clouds look like fog in the sky. Fog that rises from the ground forms low layer of stratus clouds. Stratus Clouds Quit Slide 5: Thin and wispy clouds and some look like white puffs Move west to east Point towards fair weather Water vapor turns into ice crystals Thin clouds because little water vapor in upper atmosphere Signals approaching rain or snow Cirrus Clouds Cirrostratus Cirrocumulus Quit Slide 6: Flat bottoms, bumpy tops Large areas of blue sky between clouds Signal fair weather Cumulus Clouds Quit Slide 7: Thunderstorms Another form of cumulus clouds Produces rain, hail, and lightening Have flat tops Accompanies low pressure system Cumulonimbus Clouds Quit Cloud Video Slide 8: Sunny sky Few clouds Accompanies high pressure system Sunny Quit Slide 9: Sunny skies with clouds that do not completely cover sky Still can see blue skies Sun shines through breaks in clouds Accompanies high pressure system Partly Cloudy Quit Slide 10: Skies are cloudy Cumulonimbus clouds produce rain Can have blue skies with passing rain clouds Accompany low pressure systems RAIN Quit Rain Video Slide 11: Severe storms produce heavy rain with intense lightening. Can produce hail and tornadoes. Cloudy skies Produced by cumulonimbus clouds Accompany low pressure systems THUNDER STORM Quit Thunderstorm Video Slide 12: Snow flakes are frozen ice crystals Every snowflake has six sides In West Michigan we get a lot of Lake Effect snow Snow storms can produce several inches to several feet of snow which leads to hazardous driving conditions We shovel and snowplow snow out of our streets and driveways. Snow Quit Snow Video Slide 13: About the Author My name is Tim Zinger and I am a sophomore at Grand Valley State University. My major is integrated science with a minor in elementary education. I enjoy working with children and seeing them get excited about learning. I hope to instill this excitement about learning in my students and I hope to engage them in learning by using hands activities and the use of different technologies. Feel free to email me at: [email protected] Quit Slide 14: Resources Quit Slide 15: Resources Continued Quit

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