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Published on August 30, 2011

Author: drscherrey



Slide 1: Interesting and Unusual Slide 2: The Devil’s Face at Tandapi in Ecuador Slide 3: Monuments at Afara in Algeria Slide 4: Rice Fields at Ubud in Indonesia Slide 5: The Lion of Waterloo in Belgium Slide 6: Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. 6000 square miles of salt Slide 7: The Highest Flag Mast in the World in North Korea Slide 8: Cascades National Park at Krka in Croatia Slide 9: Roman Theatre at Amman in Jordan Slide 10: A pylon after a snowstorm at Lapland in Finland Slide 11: Prehistoric City at Biskupin in Poland Slide 12: The Colosseo at D'El Djem in Tunisia Slide 13: Perito Moreno Iceberg in Argentine 15 km long and 5 km wide Slide 14: The Giant of Wattens in Austria Slide 15: Independence Monument at Phnom Penh in Cambodia Slide 16: Boxes Shells (box-shaped huts) at Maroua in Cameroon Slide 17: Leaping Salmon at New Brunswick in Canada Slide 18: The Daibutsu in Japan Slide 19: Monsanto Village in Portugal (Built under rocks) Slide 20: The Giants at Easter Island in Chile Slide 21: Disko Bay is famous for its gigantic tabular icebergs in Greenland Slide 22: The famous Water Towers in Kuwait City (water storage containers) Slide 23: Diving Death at Quebrada Ravine at Acapulco in Mexico Slide 24: Decorated Truck in Pakistan Slide 25: Memnon Colossus in Egypt Slide 26: WW2 American Cemetery at Manila in The Philippines Slide 27: Londonese Tower of Pisa at London in England Slide 28: Observatory at Arecibo in Puerto RIco Slide 29: Hanging Coffins at Sagada in The Philippines Slide 30: Monastery of 10,000 Buddhas at Sha Tin in China Slide 31: Dining on Water at Tahiti Slide 32: The 101 Taipei Tower in Taiwan Slide 33: Schwechat Airport at Vienna in Autria Heathrow Airport at London in England Slide 34: Roman Aqueducts at Segovia in Spain Slide 35: The Blue Hole at Belize in Central America Slide 36: Lehman Caves at Great Basin, Nevada in USA Slide 37: Sandstorm in Iraq Slide 38: Toonworld at Universal Studio at Osaka in Japan Slide 39: The Wailing Wall at Jerusalem in Israel Slide 40: Buddhist Temple at Borobudur in Indonesia Slide 41: Elephant – shaped Hills in China Slide 42: Salvador Dali Museum at Figueras near Barcelona in Spain Slide 43: Nest of the Swallow Castle at Yalta in Ukraine Slide 44: Edinburgh Airport in Scotland Slide 45: The Lion and the Buddha at Zhanghua in Taiwan Slide 46: Eruption of Volcano Pinatubo in 1991 in The Philippines Slide 47: Ramses II Temple at Abou Simbel in Egypt Slide 48: This tree at Tana Toraja in Indonesia contains Babies’ tombs Slide 49: One can swim in Pink Lake in Senegal. One does not drown here because the salt water supports one’s body Slide 50: Fort Derawar at Cholistan in Pakistan Slide 51: Barcelona Cathedral in Spain Slide 52: The Tower at the port at Kobe in Japan Slide 53: Hotel Atlantis Paradise with the nuptial suite at $25,000 /a night in Bahamas

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