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Published on June 21, 2008

Author: kjacoves



Introduction to Atoms : Introduction to Atoms Magnify 300,000,000x Down to the atomic level : Down to the atomic level Today's Menu : Today's Menu Blue Plate Special—the Atom We make our atoms from scratch—each atom can be made with: Protons—for that positive charge in your life Neutrons—just as heavy as protons—but for you—no charge! Electrons—Need a little negative charge to go with your protons? Our meals won't weigh you down! : Our meals won't weigh you down! Protons—so small, they weigh only 1.7x10-24 grams! Isn't that a mouthful? Just text AMU (atomic mass unit) and call it quits. Neutrons—same weight as a proton but no positive charge to get in your way! Electrons—heck, they weigh hardly anything at all—call them zero and be done with it. Be thankful our meals are small : Be thankful our meals are small Hungry for a nucleus? Better not be on a diet… Blow up a nucleus to the size of a grape—guess how much it would weigh? Nope, not even close Try again How about 9 million metric tons. That’s about 19,800,000,000 pounds or about the weight of 124 aircraft carriers! Atomic Snacks : Atomic Snacks Not hungry for a nucleus? Try an electron. What a lightweight—weighs 1,800 times less than a proton. If you weigh 150 lbs, guess how much of your weight is electrons. Nope, Not even close! Try 1 ounce! Combo Meals : Combo Meals Remember Protons have a positive charge. To build a stable atom each proton needs to be paired with an electron. Try the Hydrogen Happy Meal! Draw a proton and an electron. Congrats, you have diagrammed the hydrogen atom. One form of Hydrogen has one proton and one electron. More combo meals : More combo meals Now draw two protons like this Hey, what happened? That's right, they are both positively charged. This is an example of electromagnetic force. Hee Hee Helium : Draw two more protons but this time add two neutrons to glue them in place. The Strong force keeps them together. Now, what do we need to balance out the charges? That's right, two electrons. Hee Hee Helium +1 +1 Still Hungry? : Still Hungry? Take home your menu and work thru all the appetizers, main courses and desserts for tomorrow. This will be graded as a take home quiz. You may use your notes, and the book, but you must work alone. Thank you for stopping by the Atomic Cafe

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