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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: jamesmichaeele



PowerPoint Presentation: 3/12/2014 1 Company Profile: C ompany P rofile We are a young IT consultancy company with over 20 years of combined team experience in the field of technology offering complete end-to-end solutions . Who we are? About iNVERTEDi To create opportunities to do a job that customers want done To make technology ubiquitous and invisible To treat community growth and charity as a part of our job Mission Wednesday, March 12, 2014 2 Team: T eam Wednesday, March 12, 2014 3 Services: S ervices We Offer Wednesday, March 12, 2014 4 The Process: T he P rocess 3/12/2014 5 Inception Phase: I nception P hase 3/12/2014 6 Design Phase: D esign P hase 3/12/2014 7 Stabilization Phase: S tabilization P hase 3/12/2014 8 Build Phase: B uild P hase 3/12/2014 9 Pre-Production Phase: P re- P roduction P hase 3/12/2014 10 Production Phase: P roduction P hase 3/12/2014 11 Case Study: C ase S tudy Client : Store Twenty One Store Twenty One is a UK based garment retailer with over 200 stores all across the country. What was required ? Optimization of their production life cycle. Control over suppliers spread across India, Bangladesh and China. Integration of all their global offices. What we did ? D elivered a solution which comprised of integrating Store Twenty One’s legacy systems with custom-built Production Management Software . Automated the process of synchronizing Purchase Orders across all sourcing offices. Monitored the supplier performance and sent out real time alerts whenever an order deviated from its original deadline/budget . 3/12/2014 12 Case Study: C ase S tudy Client : Swastik Enterprises Swastik Enterprises is a leading Facilities M anagement C ompany with sites spread across the country. What was required ? As work grew, there was an urgent need to optimize the business processes to ensure smooth workflows and a happy customer. The issue they needed to resolve urgently was centralization of business wide data in order to optimize certain processes. What we did ? We offered them a customized cloud based ERP solution in order to centrally manage their data and optimize processes around: HR (worker database and shifts management) Inventory Management Tender Management (with payment alerts) 3/12/2014 13 Case Study: C ase S tudy Client: US Based Client (WIP) The client is a energy trading company based out of US and is primarily into selling natural gas and oil to its customers. What was required ? The client wanted to automate the process of sending out instructions to a gas pipeline company which otherwise is a manual and laborious process. There was also a need for getting real time MIS reports on how the overall business was performing. What we did ? We offered them a customized Cloud-based EDI Solution in order to centrally manage sending out of electronic instructions to a gas pipeline company and optimize processes around Gas P ipeline Nominations (using EDI & Microsoft BizTalk) Enterprise Mobility (smartphone/tablet app) MIS Reporting 3/12/2014 14 Case Study: C ase S tudy First Indian Election News App 3/12/2014 15 PowerPoint Presentation: DONT FORGET TO CALL- 9041071463 Visit our Website : Follow us on: - https :// -https :// -http :// [email protected] For general enquiries please write to us at [email protected] Wednesday, March 12, 2014 16

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