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Published on December 9, 2009

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The Michigan Difference Inc. : The Michigan Difference Inc. Delivering cost effective clean water to those in need Team 5 Ian Chung Aloshia Jackson Kosta Kontoyiannakis Paul Rudzinski Kevin Wicks Overview : Overview Regions Business Overview Business Philosophy Marketing Market Analysis and Competition Operations Plan Costs and Prices Projected Financial Data Yemen in the world : Yemen in the world Regions in Yemen : Regions in Yemen Red Sea Islands Bani Uwair Lack of clean, safe drinking water : Lack of clean, safe drinking water Business Overview : Business Overview Michigan Difference Inc. Mission Provide the means for all people in Yemen and around the world access to clean drinking water at a reasonable cost Company Goal and Objectives Have 10,000 customers within Yemen in the first 4 months Spread around the region and into Africa to have 100,000 customers within 2 years Provide additional products within 5 years, to increase revenue and convenience for customers Business Philosophy : Business Philosophy Michigan Difference Inc. is based on helping people Every person has the right to clean drinking water each day Oasis Water Collection System provides filtered rain water that is safe to drink Yemen is forecasted to be the first country in the world to run out of fresh water somewhere between 2025 and 2030 By spreading throughout Yemen Michigan Difference Inc. can help alleviate this issue Product/Services : Product/Services Product Oasis Water Collection System Key Benefits Convenience Clean Water The Oasis Water Collection System : The Oasis Water Collection System Operation Plan : Operation Plan Low cost Use of local materials only No further product development Simple to use Less costly Not complicated Marketing : Marketing Target Customer Yemenis Market Size Test Markets Red Sea Islands – little rain, remote location, sparsely populated Bani Uwair – moderate rain, rural and town, moderately populated Taiz – plentiful rain, city setting, densely populated Potential Market Entire country of Yemen Other countries with low availability of water Marketing Analysis & Competition : Marketing Analysis & Competition Negligible Competition for Test Markets No existing, comparable products in area Problem severity suggests need for product Small number of initial units required Valuable knowledge to be gained Provides an idea of success in larger market Consumer input valued Costs and Price : Costs and Price Costs Selling Price $9.00 Profit $3.86 Projected Financial Data : Projected Financial Data Projected Financial Data Cont. : Projected Financial Data Cont. Conclusion : Conclusion Cost $5.14 Price $9.00 Investment capital needed to produce, distribute and sell 10,000 units: $60,400 Thank you : Thank you

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