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Published on March 16, 2012

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iPhone App Developers are able to Specify the Status Bar Style by Setting Value in Info.plist file: iPhone App Developers are able to Specify the Status Bar Style by Setting Value in Info.plist file http://www.tatvasoft.com PowerPoint Presentation: In the time of iPhone applications development, iPhone developers can make use of the UIKit framework of iOS since it provides a wide variety of UI elements which are often used in the application. As the developers are set to design the user interface of the application, they ought to understand that users would like standard views and controls to behave in a way they behave in the built-in applications. This in turn helps developers if they are in a position to leverage them appropriately in their application. In the event that regular UI components are utilized by iPhone application developers india during the process of iPhone app development, then the developers are automatically updated about the redesigned appearance launched by iOS. Unlike this, if developers use fully customized components, they do not receive any updates. If developers are thinking about creating custom UI components to copy conventional UI aspects other than appearance, they need to make use of the appearance customization programming interfaces available in iOS 5 and later. While making use of these APIs, appearance of almost all UI factors are able to be customized as well as they can still get automatic appearance updates. http://www.tatvasoft.com PowerPoint Presentation: In iOS apps, the status bar, navigation bar, tab bar and then toolbar are UI components that possess exclusively defined appearances as well as behaviors. All these bars often can even be absent in some apps. Many times, apps offering immersive feel appear without incorporating any of these bars. However, if they are present, it is vital that iPhone application developers utilize them properly. The key function of these bars is usually to provide sense of familiarity to the users of iOS-based devices mainly because all these bars show information and also perform tasks with which the customers are usually habituated. The status bar suggests the necessary details related to the device and also the existing environment. UIStatusBarStyle constant regulates the status bar style which usually is after that identified in UIApplication Class Reference. The developers through setting a value inside their Info.plist file can certainly specify the status bar style. It is a fact that during iPhone applications development, status bar is not made use of in a similar manner as many other UI elements, it is still important to know its functionality in the app. http://www.tatvasoft.com PowerPoint Presentation: Apart from game app and also full-screen media-viewing app, an iPhone developer is capable to hide the status bar. When the developers want to hide the status bar forever, it is likely that customers have to stop the app to find out whether or not they need to recharge their gadget. For this reason, status bar and also all various other application user interface needs to be hidden while people are actively experiencing full-screen media. Here, make perfectly sure that users are in the position to get the status bar along with suitable application user interface through a single touch. The developers need to hide status bar only if it is crucial to do so. The cause associated with this is that the consumers hardly find out as well as keep in mind a custom gesture that is made use of to redisplay the status bar. Specialists of iPhone application development also recommend not to generate a custom status bar since consumers are familiar with the uniformity of the system-provided status bar. It is far from effective to generate custom UI even though developers hide the status bar in the app. http://www.tatvasoft.com PowerPoint Presentation: When necessary, the network activity indicator can be shown by the developers because in the status bar it suggests the customers if prolonged network is accessible or not. It is dependent on the developers to define the shade of the status bar. They are offered with the choices like grey which is the default colour, opaque, black or even translucent black with an alpha value of 0.5. The iPhone app developers should as well keep in mind that the look of the status bar need to complement with the rest of the iPhone app. http://www.tatvasoft.com

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