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Published on July 8, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Let’s Go With Me For Know About The Heat Loss Calculation . ISOWTC @isowtc Visit – Hello! PowerPoint Presentation: ISOWTC Heat Loss Insulation Calculation Software PowerPoint Presentation:  Why Heat Loss Calculation is Important? There might have been locations worldwide that has been aware of Heat Loss Calculation. This is usually the first step in mapping out a structures heating and cooling plan. As of the present time, the planet is experiencing a phenomenon being referred to by scientists and meteorologists as Global Warming. This is also being the main concern of a number of environmentalists. It would not just affect a certain location but as its name is referring, it would be the whole planet that would be affected. Because of this Global Warming event, people’s life has been affected. As a result of this, engineers and architectures alike developed ways to reduce the heat that a person might feel when they are within the vicinity of a structure like their workplaces and homes. This also gave birth to Heat Loss Calculation which is being conducted to know how comfortable the temperature would be inside a particular structure. PowerPoint Presentation: Engineers needs to consider some important things to minimize the heat loss Part One PowerPoint Presentation: When an architect or an engineer would consider Heat Loss Calculation , they might need to put the worst case scenarios possible on mind. This would give them more ideas to explore on how they would improve the home’s heating and cooling system. It is usually the outside atmosphere that is being considered initially when performing the planning and the calculation processes. Those individuals and professionals that are more involved on the building process of the structure might not be cautious about this calculation. On the contrary, all individuals should be aware of what is going on within the structure that they are occupying for a period of time. This would let an individual know aspects on how a place’s level of comfort would affect people’s mood and work ethics. The people who are more involved on the building process should also be aware of what they are installing in the structure. This might help them on future ventures when professional opinion is needed during a planning session. The information would come in handy since there is not much number of individuals who might have the knowledge about this stuff. The plans that would be determined after making the calculation would be critical towards the inhabitability factor of the whole structure. Also, individuals like real estate developers and agents should be aware of the heat loss or heat gain factor that is going on in the structure. It would give possible buyers more idea of the safety and/or added features within the facility’s heating and cooling system. PowerPoint Presentation: ISOWTC Insulation Software PowerPoint Presentation: Necessary things for the Calculation of Heat Loss Part Two PowerPoint Presentation: For those individuals that might be considering on viewing some model homes, one might consider asking about the heating and cooling system that is installed within the structure. Since it would be the buyer who would be staying on the place, the building should be equipped with a system that would make the resident more comfortable and would not increase the stress level that could have been acquired in a workplace. On the other hand, workplaces should also be equipped with the proper heating and cooling system to help the workers finish their tasks on a more desired quality. PowerPoint Presentation: These are the Calculation You Can Do in ISOWTC Software PowerPoint Presentation: ISOWTC Day by Day Demand Increasing of ISOWTC Insulation Software 4X PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU!

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