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Published on September 8, 2011

Author: avinashmalik

Source: authorstream.com


Slide 1: WHERE DO U STAY Slide 3: We all can work our way to “A Fantastic Future” No Shortcuts No Magic Taking initiatives fairly balancing “Short Term & Long Term Objectives” works better Act with “ Faith & Vision ” Without Fear For objective 2015 Learn From Past Slide 4: SELECT As Many Job Options “As U Wish” “Mind You” You MUST have A Reason For Each SELECTION-or-REJECTION You do Have Courage-2-Reject “As U Wish” There are “So Many Job Opportunities” Do Not Forget, There are “Many Like You” Or May Be More Competent And Who Carry “ COME WHAT MAY ” Spirit Individual’s Growth is Not A-Birth-Right It Is, Yes It is You Have To Be “ A Performer-4-Sure ” Slide 5: Take A Pen & Plain Paper Make = 2 = Columns Want -2- Join Do-Not want-2-join Select Ur 1 st Preference Write One U do-not want-2-Join 1. Reason Reason Now Before The Next Slide Opens To have “A Clear Vision” of Long Term Success 2. 3. Write 2 nd Selection & Reason Write 3Rd Selection & Reason 2 nd Rejection & Reason 3rd Rejection & Reason Slide 6: FMCG Consumer durables Logistics Media Telecom Pharma Event Management Hospitality Broking Banking Industrial Sales Public Relation Marketing Health BPO/KPO Automobile IT Sales General Insurance Life Insurance Administration Direct Sales Entertainment Government Sales Education Advertising Tours & Travel Real Estate Retail So many Verticals, Make Ur Choice “With A Reason & Vision 2015” Slide 7: “ Your Journey - 2 - Success ” That is 1 st Step of Slide 8: Now Help-Yourself Understand Why Ur 1 st Selection is Ur 1 st Choice Why Ur 2nd Selection is Ur 2nd Choice And 3rd Selection is 3rd Choice Slide 9: And Help-Yourself Understand Well, This would be easier REJECTED-3 Why U Slide 10: You would appreciate It is a step-by-step process And This “ Journey - 2 - Success ” Would benefit You P.N. Reply to our mails, Do-Not write fresh mails, once contacted We contact Only – a - Few With “Our Priority Recruitment Services” Slide 11: Stay -in-Touch Sharad @ 09780880524, [email protected]

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