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Published on July 16, 2014

Author: MaryJRichard

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Janine Zargar - Lady with Ultimate Endurance and Good Will Gestures : Janine Zargar - Lady with Ultimate Endurance and Good Will Gestures The hospital Management Information System has almost become a must have for all healthcare facilities worldwide believes Janine Keane. This is due to the increasing number of patients and the workload on the Hospital Managers who have been already working overtime due to a paucity of staff and the swelling number of patients due to the sedentary lifestyle of people in the modern era. Hospital Management Information System is quite essential as it helps in the smooth functioning of the hospital. One can easily access the varied data of a patient that has been stored at different locations. The information may vary from the demographic details of the patient to the past medical history of the patient that has been stored at some other medical facility. This kind of system is quite beneficial in maintaining the record of outdoor patients also in enhancing the continuity of health care. The use of internet has significantly improved the access of data from remote locations. Hospital Management Information System is quite beneficial in the decision support system for the healthcare authorities as all the data can be collected at one place, analyzed and hence a decision to the best interest of the facility can be taken. Moshen Zargar believes that hospital Management Information System has changed the way Hospital was managed in the past. It has become quite easy to foresee the kinds of challenges one is going to face in future. Past records and present trends can be easily accessed and used to plan for the future. The Hospitals performance in terms of the patients served in a particular time period or the amount of income or the amount of expenditure made in a particular time period can be easily calculated at a click of mouse. There are several organizations that are providing Healthcare facilities with these kinds of Management Information software’s. According to Janine Zargar it’s up to the Hospital to decide if particular software matches their requirements in terms of budget and needs. There are several modules that can be included into a package when one goes in for a Hospital Management Information System. The various modules that can be included in a complete package are Registration, Medical Records, Hospital Scheduler, Duty Roster, Biomedical Maintenance, Outpatient, Inpatient, Medical Stores and Purchases, Lab and Pharmacy, Blood Bank, Clinical Manager, Fixed Assets, Finance and Accounts, Human Resource Management and Payroll, Security & Administrator. Its not important that you need to get all these modules in your facility as a small facility will have less requirements and a bigger facility will have some additional requirements. There are different requirements for a facility that is spread into different locations either through the state, country or the Globe. To manage your organization / hospital in the most efficient manner feel free to contact AKZ Management who have got years of experience in this field and will be more than happy to assist you in taking your business to new heights.

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