Jesus in the Galilee

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Published on June 18, 2010

Author: skinnerpaul



Jesus in the Galilee : Educational Opportunities Tours October 2007 Jesus in the Galilee Wadi qelt : Wadi qelt Pontius Pilate ruled from Caesarea : Pontius Pilate ruled from Caesarea Hotel view of Tiberias : Hotel view of Tiberias Fellow pilgrim : Fellow pilgrim Donkey in the Synagogue : Donkey in the Synagogue Mary in Nazareth Village : Mary in Nazareth Village 1st Century manger : 1st Century manger Nazarene carpenter : Nazarene carpenter Yardinit Baptismal Site on the Jordan : Yardinit Baptismal Site on the Jordan Southwest cornerof the Temple : Southwest cornerof the Temple Site where Jesus selected Peter : Site where Jesus selected Peter Eremos topos : Eremos topos Sunset belowEremos Topos : Sunset belowEremos Topos Boats on the Sea of Galilee : Boats on the Sea of Galilee Synagogue in Capernaum : Synagogue in Capernaum Jesus' teachings : Jesus' teachings Kitchen in Bethsaida : Kitchen in Bethsaida “Gates of Hell” at Caesarea Philippi : “Gates of Hell” at Caesarea Philippi Jesus laments over Jerusalem : Jesus laments over Jerusalem Garden of Gethsemane : Garden of Gethsemane Prisoner’s shackles : Prisoner’s shackles Caiaphas’dungeon : Caiaphas’dungeon City of David : City of David Crossroads at Golgotha : Crossroads at Golgotha Golgotha : Golgotha Roman execution : Roman execution Sunset on Mt. Arbel : Sunset on Mt. Arbel They gambled for his robe : They gambled for his robe Rolling stonetomb : Rolling stonetomb The teaching steps : The teaching steps Saul encountersthe risen Christ : Saul encountersthe risen Christ Dead Sea float : Dead Sea float Menorah for the Third Temple : Menorah for the Third Temple Qumran sunset : Qumran sunset

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