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Published on July 17, 2014

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Jewish Menorah: Jewish Menorah - By PowerPoint Presentation: ~ In earlier days, Menorah was used for only ritual purposes. ~ Only purest quality fresh Olive oil was burnt to light the stems of Menorah. ~ Till sixth century, the Temple remains on record. When it was brought to Constantinople, it was vanished. As per assumption, either it was kept into any unknown place which still exists or it was destroyed. PowerPoint Presentation: ~ Jews follow their holy customs dedicatedly and give highest importance to the spiritual objects such as Menorah. ~ Jewish menorah is not only a simple candelabra or candle holder used by Jews but also it holds several spiritual significances. PowerPoint Presentation: ~ Kindling sacred Hanukkah lights is one of the vital part of Hanukkah custom. ~ The Jewish people light Hanukkah candles to celebrate the miracle of the Maccabees's victory. ~The miracle of the olive oil which burnt for 8 days in the Holy Temple. PowerPoint Presentation: ~ The entire design of the holy object is very specific. It is considered as a symbol of divine light scattering across the world. ~ The seven branch of Menorah refer to knowledge in which six stems represent human wisdom and the centre one represents divine light. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Us For a Mailing Address use ONLY: Aimee Golant 3931 Alemany Blvd, Suite 2003 -136 San Francisco, CA 94132 To schedule a studio tour, please call or email us for an appointment. Tel: 415-682-7128 Email: [email protected]

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