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Published on June 30, 2015

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1. Social Media Measurement - What You May Already Have and Other Low Cost Tools 1Tuesday, June 30, 15 Good morning, Social Media Measurement

2. Truffle Media Ned Arthur, Director of Sales and Content Development John Blue, Chief of Community Creation 2Tuesday, June 30, 15 Hi, My name is John Blue and I work at Truffle Media Networks, an agriculture media company focused on agriculture animal health issues.

3. Thanks to the Agriculture Relations Council for the opportunity to provide you information you can use. 3Tuesday, June 30, 15 Thanks to the Agriculture Relations Council for the opportunity to provide you information you can use.

4. What questions do you have now that you want answers to? 4Tuesday, June 30, 15 Short activity: I have handed out index cards, please use them to write these down, I will ask about these later.

5. 1793 The Pennsylvania Evening Post becomes America's first daily newspaper. 1851 Selling for a penny a copy, the New York Times debuts. 1885 William Dempster Hoard wrote his issue of a "journal devoted to dairy farming. 1962 Agri-Marketing magazine started 1984 United States newspaper circulation peaks at 63 million people 191 Years 5Tuesday, June 30, 15 Before we start, I want to share a perspective: It took 191 years to get from first American paper to a newspaper with a peak circulation of 63 million people.

6. 1995 The American Reporter first daily newspaper on Internet 2004 Podcasting started 2004 Facebook launched 2005 YouTube launched 2006 Twitter launched 2010 Facebook passed 63 million US people 15 Years 6Tuesday, June 30, 15 In contrast to newspaper, It took 15 years to go from the first internet newspaper to get to a single digital service having 63 million users. The speed of technology adoption and use will continue to be fast.

7. Landscape 7Tuesday, June 30, 15 Media use over the last 20 years has changed.  People have moved from utilizing media based on time and location to discovering and finding information in real time through multiple channels and various sources of authority. Information media has become time free, virtual, digital, and very participatory. (next)

8. 8Tuesday, June 30, 15 Today the way people receive information is far greater than 20 years ago; And there is more noise.

9. 9Tuesday, June 30, 15

10. Why Social Media? 10Tuesday, June 30, 15 Why do people use social media? People love to share what they are doing

11. Why Social Media? 11Tuesday, June 30, 15 People want to be entertained.

12. Why Social Media? 12Tuesday, June 30, 15 Some people want to help.

13. Why Social Media? 13Tuesday, June 30, 15 And others want attention.

14. Why Social Media? 14Tuesday, June 30, 15 And, yes, people want to make money using media.

15. 15Tuesday, June 30, 15

16. 16Tuesday, June 30, 15 So, if I use social media, how do I know if it is working?

17. 17Tuesday, June 30, 15 When you ask if something is “working”, there is an implied sense of expectations that need to be met. Some would say there are some goals you are aiming to achieve.

18. What are some goals you would would consider in a PR campaign? 18Tuesday, June 30, 15 Think about some goals a PR campaign might have. Please write some of these down.

19. 19Tuesday, June 30, 15 To know if your goals or expectations are being met requires knowing where you are periodically. You need to have some measures over time.

20. 20Tuesday, June 30, 15 Chris Penn with Shift Communications says - “If you don’t have a clearly defined, measurable goal, then all of your attempts to measure PR will be miserable failures.”

21. For those goals you just wrote down: Now write down how you would measure progress toward those goals. 21Tuesday, June 30, 15 Think about how to measure progress toward goals. Write them down.

22. 22Tuesday, June 30, 15 Some other reasons why we measure: We all want to know how we are doing compared to other things we value. We want to know our return on investment was worth it. We want to improve. We want to aim for goal driven activities.

23. Nikki Haley, South Carolina Governor, Calls for Removal of Confederate Battle Flag - NY Times 23Tuesday, June 30, 15 Example measure in media Nikki Haley, South Carolina Governor, Calls for Removal of Confederate Battle Flag

24. After Charleston, A Battle Against The Confederacy Is Waged Nationwide - BuzzFeedNews 24Tuesday, June 30, 15

25. 25Tuesday, June 30, 15 These media companies use these kinds of metrics to compare with their competitors. They are also the starting point of conversations with advertisers.

26. 26Tuesday, June 30, 15

27. 27Tuesday, June 30, 15 Here is a bit of history of media metrics sources. Nielsen, Arbitron, and circulation audits were key metric resources of media & PR. Detail metrics were difficult to capture and analyze. Time cycles were measured in quarters and months.

28. 2013's Complex Social Media Landscape in One Chart 28Tuesday, June 30, 15 Today: Good: Digital metrics are easily available from a variety of sources. Bad: There are more opportunities for collecting data than is possible to absorb or understand Work is required to connect goals to measurement. Time cycle is now measured in minutes, seconds, & milliseconds.

29. Write down the social networks you actively participate in personally. 29Tuesday, June 30, 15 Write down the social networks you actively participate in personally; more than three times a week. {wait then next}

30. Write down the social networks you actively participate in professionally. 30Tuesday, June 30, 15 Write down the social networks you actively participate in professionally; more than three times a week.

31. 31Tuesday, June 30, 15 Ask who actively use Facebook, then Twitter, then G+, then LinkedIn, then SnapChat.

32. 32Tuesday, June 30, 15 What are some of the resources at hand to measure social media?

33. 33Tuesday, June 30, 15 These next set of images are to help people know what the social channels&tools have to offer in term of metrics or data points that can be leveraged in campaigns.

34. $ Google Analytics Twitter analytics Facebook metrics Bitly links YouTube metrics 34Tuesday, June 30, 15 $ low cost or close to free. There are other low cost data sources, these are some of the easiest to use & get info.

35. 35Tuesday, June 30, 15 Google analytics is a basic free service that all website should have installed. It provides key web metrics. In the social space you can see what social channels are directing traffic to your web site.

36. 36Tuesday, June 30, 15 Facebook offers Insights, a resource to share a large amount of data & summary metrics beyond just likes, comments, shares, etc. Be warned that the data provided is more than one can use effectively without focus.

37. This link Becomes shorter a-lesson-in-farming-classroom-to- cafeteria.html 37Tuesday, June 30, 15 Bitly is not a social channel but is a resource many people use on social channels. It transform a long web link (URL) into a short compact web link. Bitly offers public metrics for all their shortened URLs.

38. link link stats, add a plus sign 38Tuesday, June 30, 15 Data on the clicks of this short link, metrics on when clicks occurred, where were they shared (social media), and who shared this link via a bitly is available. In this example, I see Jim Chen shared this link. Who is he and is there a connection to this topic (agriculture) that I might find useful?

39. link Bitly offer custom URLs 39Tuesday, June 30, 15 FYI, Bitly short links have may forms. Bitly offer custom URLs, and they are used in many places. But they all can be reviewed behind the scenes by adding that plus sign and looking at the stats page to see more.

40. 40Tuesday, June 30, 15 For your own Bitly account, you can get insight on links used in a status board like this.

41. 41Tuesday, June 30, 15 Twitter offers data on tweets like impressions and engagements (RT, favs, replies, follows, clicks, etc). This data is also exportable.

42. 42Tuesday, June 30, 15 YouTube provides an interface to see metrics on videos on you account.

43. $$ Social Bro SumAll HootSuite DataSift limited Email services like MailChimp TweetReach limited 43Tuesday, June 30, 15 These next set of tools are inexpensive ($10 to $50 per month) and connect with or work with social networks like Facebook and Twitter to help support efforts to engage people and measure that engagement.

44. 44Tuesday, June 30, 15 Social Bro uses the Twitter system to bring back data and chart them in a visible form. Social Bro is also useful for organizing and analyzing groups of people on Twitter.

45. 45Tuesday, June 30, 15 SumAll is a utility service that aims to make looking at metrics from multiple sources easier to do.

46. 46Tuesday, June 30, 15 The power of SumAll is seeing data from all the channels in a single spot. This allows us to ask questions about what is happening ex, who retweeted our posts and are they candidates for further outreach?

47. 47Tuesday, June 30, 15 DateSift is a service that can tap into many different kinds of data streams for analysis by other programs. For example: A company has just released a new product. Use DataSift to track what people are saying about the product as well as their comments about photos, videos, and reviews of the product. Note: DataSift is a very tech and requires some programming expertise to really use well.

48. 48Tuesday, June 30, 15 MailChimp, as an email service provider, can provide metrics on how people are interacting with your emails. MailChimp offers indicators on how email up[dates have been shared socially and what links have been clicked, a very valuable engagement indicator.

49. 49Tuesday, June 30, 15 TweetReach allows you to look at a hashtag on Twitter to see engagement and reach / impressions. It is low cost in their one time use option (get a report on a hashtag right now) and is higher cost on the month to month monitoring.

50. $$$$$ Nuvi SalesForce Radian 6 Brand Watch DataSift HootSuite UberVU 50Tuesday, June 30, 15 These services are the higher end tools, with costs in the $500/month or more. They offer functionality to help capture, analyze, and organize data plus integrate into other large scale systems like Salesforce. I am not going to go thru these but I wanted you to know they exists. Nuvi is the tool used by the NCBA and is mentioned in the 5 ways to BEEF up your media monitoring.

51. 51Tuesday, June 30, 15

52. 52Tuesday, June 30, 15 Example: Smart Animal: Example of how digital and social media measurements were part of a company’s work flow. In Mar 2013 there was no website and no product to sell (but product was in the queue)

53. 53Tuesday, June 30, 15 Smart Animal, a positive animal training technoloy company, knew they needed to start on digital activity. The first challenge was to start a website with useful information. Additionally, Facebook was something they felt they needed, possibly along with Twitter.

54. 54Tuesday, June 30, 15 The blog started March 31, 2013, Facebook page June 2013, Twitter active April 2013, and YouTube initial use in September. Remember, there was no product for sale at this time.

55. 55Tuesday, June 30, 15 The main goal of FB, Twitter, and the blog was to generate “awareness” with the measures being the simple data pints of FB likes & shares, Twitter re-tweets, at replies, and follows; and for the blog page views as provided by Google analytics. The data was reviewed weekly early on and monthly. {next}

56. 56Tuesday, June 30, 15 in 12 months: FB likes went to 10,000, Twitter followers to ~5000, Social posts drove ~50% of the blog traffic. On FB the number of people sharing stories about SA was ~15,000 for 12 months. {next}

57. 57Tuesday, June 30, 15 In the year they did this work, the Smart Animal team worked to better understand how FB, Twitter, and YouTube work so as to ask deeper questions of their efforts. They use Google Analytics to dig into inbound traffic and understand what content sources are more popular based on the time on page metrics (indicator of how long one reads).

58. #BlogPawsChatx #BlogPaws 58Tuesday, June 30, 15 Part of Smart Animal goal for 2015 was to launch a Kickstarter to improve some design and software for positive animal training. Key goals was to make connections with people involved with pets and social media to help generate awareness about the Kickstarter. {next}

59. #BlogPawsChatx #BlogPaws 59Tuesday, June 30, 15 Key measures was to go into the conference with 30 opportunity connections and come back from the conference with 10 to 15 qualified pet social media people connections from BlogPaws, a social media conference focused on pets & social media with about 400 to 500 people attending. {next}

60. #BlogPawsChatx #BlogPaws 60Tuesday, June 30, 15 To get connection going into the conference, Walter, a great dane, participated in weekly #BlogPawsChat (Tues evenings 8-10pm ET). The participation helped identify people attending based on their posts. Twitter was mined to pull out the top 30 accounts (based on number of posts) that participated and make direct outreach before the conference. {next}

61. #BlogPawsChatx #BlogPaws 61Tuesday, June 30, 15 tools used included Social Bro, Twitter analytics, and Google Analytics. {next}

62. #BlogPawsChatx #BlogPaws 62Tuesday, June 30, 15 Results: Attending the BlogPaws conference came away with 20 personal connections from which four people took on writing more about Pet Tutor. The goals 30 opportunity connections going in; 10 to 15 qualified coming out.

63. 63Tuesday, June 30, 15 Another example: This is an event focused campaign sponsored by New Holland @newhollandag. The goal: get people (more the better) to tweet #TractorTweet120 with a small tractor given to every #NAMA15 attendee (950 tractors handed out). Contest was used. {next}

64. 64Tuesday, June 30, 15 Behind the scenes they could also gain data points on impression reach and collect info on everyone who had an engagement. NAMA focused tweets were over 175 on approx 1600 tweets during the event.

65. 65Tuesday, June 30, 15

66. Chris Penn with Shift Communications says - “If you don’t have a clearly defined, measurable goal, then all of your attempts to measure PR will be miserable failures.” 66Tuesday, June 30, 15 Key take aways: Know what tools you have at your disposal and what data points they can collect. Set your goals and align them with the tools so that data is being collected along the way to measure progress. Loop regularly to insure the questions you have are getting data points so they can be answered.

67. Truffle Media Questions? 67Tuesday, June 30, 15 Questions? Pull questions from the audience based on what they wrote down as a prompt.

68. 68Tuesday, June 30, 15 And if you still wonder what social media is, this “Social Media Explained via Donuts” can help.

69. Contact Information [email protected] @TruffleMedia (877) 558-7833 69Tuesday, June 30, 15 Contact Truffle via Phone: (877) 558-7833, Twitter: @TruffleMedia, Facebook:, and web:

70. Truffle Media Ned Arthur, Director of Sales and Content Development John Blue, Chief of Community Creation 70Tuesday, June 30, 15 Close on Truffle team.

71. Thanks 71Tuesday, June 30, 15 Thanks again for your time.

72. 72Tuesday, June 30, 15

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