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Published on July 12, 2014

Author: joshfahlgren



The Image of Female Athletes in Sports Media: The Image of Female Athletes in Sports Media by Josh Fahlgren Multicultural Education C&T 807 Literature/Research Studies: Literature/Research Studies Baird, J. A. (2002). Playing it straight: An analysis of current legal protections to combat homophobia and sexual orientation discrimination in intercollegiate athletics. Berkeley Women's LJ , 17 , 31 Knight, J. L., & Giuliano, T. A. (2003). Blood, Sweat and Jeers: The Impact of the Media's Heterosexist Portrayals on Perceptions of Male and Female Athletes. Journal of Sport Behavior , 26 (3), 272-284 Tanner, W. (2011). Marginalization and Trivialization of Female Athletes and Women’s Sports through Commentator Discourse A Study of ESPN’s SportsCenter Southwestern University – showed that females with less femininity or higher masculinity were more likely to be thought of as lesbian Messner et al (via Tanner, 2011) – researchers found that stories regarding female athletes or women’s sports were often shown in humorous or sexual ways Ex. Showing nude bungee jumping over real female sports Sports Media Sources: Sports Media Sources – #3 on most popular sports media websites list – #1 on most popular sports media websites list – sub-site of ESPN, dedicated primarily to women’s sports Methodology: Methodology Directed by the Listening Guide and the 7 forms of gender bias from Banks & Banks Analyze each media website for obvious signs of gender bias Analyze each media site deeper for the subconscious gender bias via content on the website Compare each website to determine what “typical” biases/discrimination is on a popular sports media webpage Relate my findings to the findings found in the literature and previous readings Results: Results Gender bias can be seen by the first look at the websites Lack of overall coverage of women’s sports compared to the men’s sports – ESPN and Yahoo Sports Sexualization of female’s – ESPN and Yahoo Sports Feminization of female athletes – ESPNW Display of female athlete inferiority to male athlete – ESPN and Yahoo Sports Gender marking – all three websites “Heterosexualization” of female athletes - ESPNW Strategies for Improvement: Strategies for Improvement Increase media coverage of homosexual athletes – concept that overexposure will bring acceptance Female athletes refuse to follow the media’s sexualization – concept would force the media to focus on the athlete’s sport to gain profits Create more youth coed sports in the community – concept that brings respect and teamwork to boys and girls at a young age THE END: THE END

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