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Published on July 30, 2014

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: General Orientation of Strike Team Members -Louisiana Support Missions : General Orientation of Strike Team Members -Louisiana Support Missions RSI Response Systems, Inc.: Response Systems, Inc. Robert Moser, MD Healthcare 5 Phases of Emergency Management Response Systems, Inc.: Response Systems, Inc. Law Enforcement Strike Team Qualifications : Strike Team Qualifications Current or recent medical license (EMT, EMT-P, CNA, RN, NP, PA, RT, MD, Emergency Management certification and/or experience) Operational efficiency in ICS/NIMS NIMS/ICS 100, 200, 700, 800 AHA-BLS/HP-CPR Certification Card or ACLS Certification Ability to pass background check Ability to respond to airport in under 3 - 12 hours depending on mission assignment Hurricane Season : Hurricane Season North Atlantic Hurricane Season begins “June 1 and last through November 30” RSI can be deployed for any declared disaster in Louisiana at any time of year Hurricane Tracking: Hurricane Tracking H Hour “H-Hour” is a planning tool used to organize response activities related to a hurricane . H-Hour does not directly correlate with the passage of actual time, but instead is an estimate of a hurricane’s approach and may change several times (both backwards and forwards) during the life of a storm . Negative H-Hours (ex. H-32) refer to the time period during which a hurricane approaches an area where it is predicted to make landfall . “H+0” or “H-0” indicate the time which tropical force winds (40 to 70 mph) reach the coast of the impacted area. “H+0” is not when the hurricane’s eye reaches the coast. That event generally follows a few to several hours after “H+0.” Activation: Activation Response Systems Strike Team Activation: Alerts will go out when a hurricane has the potential to impact Louisiana. Electronic notification may come in the form of: Text Message, e-mail, phone call Sources of the message may be: IRIS-based in Sugarland TX. Volgistics (Back Up Notification System) Direct E-mails or Phone Calls from RSI Staff Official deployment can happen at any time! Activation (continued): Activation (continued) Types of Notifications Alerts will be sent to notify you of potential activation and updates on the incident (Storm) We make every attempt to keep you “Up to Date” with the latest information, but also try not to overwhelm you with notifications. Activation (continued): Activation (continued) Types of Notifications (continue) Surveys may be sent to you via e-mail and/or phone calls. The survey is used to request availability Two Way Communications: Two Way Communications The surveys we send out are the most effective and efficient way we have to manage two way communications. Two Way Communications: Two Way Communications General Communications: General Communications General Communications: General Communications Ask important questions: [email protected] Share critical information: (877) 913-7377 Possible Missions: Possible Missions LA Bureau of EMS Staff Augmentation Department of Health and Hospitals Medical Special Needs Shelters Hospital Evacuation Missions Transportation and Logistical support LA BEMS: LA BEMS BEMS Tactical Operations Center (TOC) Bus Forward Triage Site Ambulance Processing Site DRC Support LA BEMS - TOC: LA BEMS - TOC Tactical Operations Center General coordination and tracking of the State’s assets and resources for the EMS response to the disaster. Expected base will be in State DHH EOC 12 hour Operational periods planned 24 hour coverage planned LA BEMS – Ambulance Processing: LA BEMS – Ambulance Processing Process the ambulances being assigned to the state to support the surge need for ambulances General processing of required paperwork for operation in the state Inspection of the ambulances equipment and stock Orientation of the ambulances to their response roles and required paperwork LA BEMS – DRC Support: LA BEMS – DRC Support These positions may be assigned throughout the 9 regions in the state Function is to support the local DRC in documentation and or communication as needed Roles, responsibilities, and times may vary by region LA BEMS – Bus Triage: LA BEMS – Bus Triage 5 Teams each comprised of 1 Paramedic and 2 Nurses or EMTs (3 people total) Buses carrying general population will be medically screened Patients identified as “unable to continue” will be transferred to State medical staff for evaluation and treatment LA MSNS (Shelters): LA MSNS (Shelters) MSNS Shelter(s) for people that have medical needs that cannot be adequately supported in a general shelter. Decompress the Health Care System LA MSNS: LA MSNS Deployment EXPECTATIONS Not a Typical Healthcare Environment Patient Care Records Limited Medical Equipment Patient Requests and Needs Professional Environment LA Hospital Evacuations: LA Hospital Evacuations Response Systems : Response Systems General Deployment Environment Hotels or state supported housing will be available Food will be provided to the best of our ability. It should not be necessary, but it is recommended you bring some cash for food Response Systems: Response Systems Transportation PowerPoint Presentation: Deployment Operations RSI ID vest and state issued ID 12 hour work cycles Just in time training Where will I be assigned?: Where will I be assigned? Deployment Operations: Deployment Operations Deployment Procedures Mission Leaders “Leaning forward” First in state, H-110 Logistics plans Deployment times Arrive in theater 6-48 hours 5 day deployment cycle (1 deployment travel day, 3 work days, 1 return travel day) Deployment Operations: Deployment Operations Team notification and travel Remember TSA travel rules when packing Remember to pack light Contact your supervisor or mission leader with questions IRIS-Volgistics Airport-Flight Pack Light Response Systems: Deployment Operations Response Systems Response Systems: Response Systems Deployment Operations Go Bag Recommendations: Go Bag Recommendations Clothing: Khaki work pants (2) Black polo or provided RSI polo (2) Socks (adequate for wet/warm weather) Underwear (minimum daily change) Work shoes or boots (2) Rain Jacket Rain pants Off duty/travel clothes Sleepwear/Sweats/Comfortable down time wear Additional Gear: Reusable water bottle Knife, fork, and spoon snacks Small backpack for 1 day excursions Cell phone with charger Personal Equipment: Driver’s license, license or Certification Flashlight Extra batteries for flashlight List of medical diagnosis, allergies, chronic medications (for use only in emergency) $200 cash (In event ATM is unavailable) Pocket notebook and pencil Contact lens or prescription glasses Shampoo Toiletries Tooth brush Comb or brush Razor with blades Towel Lip salve Insect repellant/sunscreen Personal medications Deployment Documentation: Deployment Documentation Deployment Operations Time Tracking forms DHH Disaster Operations Individual Time Sheet (HR-48) Completed every shift Reimbursement: Reimbursement All expenses should be covered by RSI, but if there are any “Out of Pocket” expenses, RSI will reimburse within 30 days after our response has concluded and receipt of expense report. Let common sense and reasonability be your guide in reimbursable expenses. Reimbursement: Reimbursement Pay rate is dependent upon experience, certification, position, length of deployment, and first wave response. Web site gives some more details on Pay Rate. Miscellaneous Information: Miscellaneous Information Approved team members will be covered by the Response Systems Professional Liability insurance policy while deployed State of Louisiana attempts to provide security at all major venues Just In Time Training (JITT) specific to venue will be provided to all Strike Team Members prior to or upon arrival Preparing for Deployment: Preparing for Deployment Be connected w/email & texts for alerts & messages Remain cognizant of tropical storms developing both in the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Gulf Track tropical storms on sites such as: www.nhc.noaa.gov/ www.hurricane.terrapin.com www.weather.com/weather/hurricanecentral/tracker Have a Go Bag with you at all times while on alert Questions?: Questions? Please address questions to the appropriate Mission Leader: General Questions & Hospital Evacuation Randy Cardonell [email protected] BEMS- Mark Chambers [email protected] MSNS-Tim Conley [email protected] Thank you for joining the Response Systems Strike Team: Thank you for joining the Response Systems Strike Team See you in the field

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