kangaroo to the moon

Information about kangaroo to the moon

Published on October 13, 2007

Author: judykealy

Source: authorstream.com


Slide1:  By Ben Slide2:  Kangaroo was sick of his life, it was too boring! Until he discovered the moon one night. Slide3:  He planned to go there. So he stole the cow’s rocket ship, packed some food and set off. Slide4:  “Hey!!!” said the Cow. Slide5:  When he got there he realised that he forgot his helmet. But luckily the Emu was on the ship and had a helmet, so he stole it. Slide6:  Up on the moon he found a space crocodile. Slide7:  He gobbled the kangaroo up! Slide8:  But luckily the kangaroo had pepper, so he sprayed the pepper around and the space crocodile started to sneeze! Slide9:  He sneezed so big that he shot the kangaroo back home! Slide10:  That day the kangaroo learnt his lesson, don’t go to the moon!

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