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Published on December 15, 2009


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INTRDUCTION : INTRDUCTION INTRoDUCTION Name: Kaushik sanghani Mo:919909401178 india Welcome to My Project TALLY-7.2 Slide 2: INDEX Introduction to accounting INTRODUCTION TO TALLY 7.2 Introduction to Tally Gateway of Tally DISPLAY MENU COMPANY INFORMATION Slide 3: Accounting is a simplest term , is keeping track of our Income expenditure, assets&liabilities. This is true for business, for a household or for individual Accounting can be defined as : “the art of systematic recording, classifying, summarising in a Significant manner and in terms of money, transactions and, events which are, in part at least, of financial character, and interpreting the results thereof.” Introduction to Accounting 1. What is accounting Slide 4: Account type What the Business earns What the business owes to others A source of exp.for running the business A source of earning money In the business Slide 5: Rules of Accounting Slide 6: Accounts compilation &reports Recording Classifying Posting consolidating Report Generation The sequence is best represented in the flow diagram below: Slide 7: Introduction to Tally Tally is a versatile accounting package and is also based On a windowing interface There are many softwares like Shree, Tally, Metaji & so on available in the market. Tally is one of the most popular & easier software. The visible advantages of the package are simplicity, flexibility, speed, scalability and real time access to data across locations and even with other applications Slide 8: Version of Tally Slide 9: First screen An icon as can be found at the destination directory on as shortcut on desktop. Double click the icon to run the package. The first screen displayed is shown below Slide 10: Main Screen The next screen after First screen will be opened is called main screen as under. Slide 11: Create company is to crate new one. Keys Ctrl+C can be used to create company Company Creation Slide 12: Company Information Slide 13: Tally vault Tally vault is a security mechanism. The technique involved is “encryption-decryption-on –the –fly”, and the decrypted form of data could be stored in the tally locker. The data are stored in an encrypted form on the tally locker. The password provides access to the decrypted data. Tally vault password can be given/changed for existing companies as well. Load the desired company and using Alter+F3 proceed to the company information screen. Go to change tally vault. You will be required to select the company name once again. Give the new tally vault password and confirm it. Slide 14: Tally Features By using F11 Accounting features You Can create features what you want. You can change many things Through Accounting Features. Slide 15: F1 = To select the company F2 = To give date in voucher or in any report or in display F5 = Payment F6 = Receipt F7 = Journal F8 = Sales F9 = Purchase F10 = Reversing journal F11 = Features F12 = Configuration Shortcut Keys Slide 16: Alt + R = Rewrite data for a Company report ALT + F2 = To change the period ALT + F3 = To select the company info menu CTRL + ENT. = To correct the ledger during voucher entry ALT + E = To export Balance Sheet Alt + I = To make an entry from day book CTRL + V=To toggle between Invoice and Voucher ALT + F1 = To close a company &To view detailed CTRL + A = To accept a form - or report gets accepted as it is Shortcut keys in Tally Slide 17: Gateway of Tally After you select a company, you will be in the Gateway of Tally it has three main option masters Transactions vouchers Reports Slide 18: Accounts Info. In Accounting info three option are available Groups Ledgers Voucher Types Slide 19: Groups Once you select group option, you Will see a part of screen like this. Single group option is useful when you wish to work on one group at a time. Multiple Saves time and labour and useful to work on sub groups Slide 20: You can create a Ledger under each group in a single mode. And rest of the the ledgers for the same group in multiple mode Multiple mode is a time saving process. Ledger creation Slide 21: You can customize the voucher entry screen using key F12 i.e. Configuration settings F12 Configuration Slide 22: Voucher Types A voucher is a primary document for recording all financial transactions. Tally provides 16different types of vouchers Different voucher types are created for data entry purposes. You can customize the vouchers as per your requirements. Slide 23: Voucher screen A voucher is a basic document where financial transaction are entered. Slide 24: This menu is to be used for view the different accounting reports. There are seven Option in Display Menu. Trial balance Account Books Statements of Accounts Cash/Funds Flow Day Book List of Accounts Exception Reports Display Menu Slide 25: Day books gives the balance for each day for the voucher type has been selected. When all the transactions are correctly entered, the day book are automatically created. Day Book Slide 26: Trial Balance Trial balance is a consolidation of ledgers balance. Tally display trial balance through display > trial balance Financial Statements Slide 27: The p&l statements depict The operating profit earned or loss suffered by doing the business for the last one year. We can view the Profit & Loss A/c. from the gateway of tally screen .We can also change the heading of Profit & Loss A/c. to Income & Expenditure Statement. Profit & Loss Account Slide 28: The Balance sheet Provides Information about the financial status of the company as on a particular date. We can also view the detail balance sheet by pressing Alt + F1 key Balance sheet Slide 29: Thank you By IRFAN METAR

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