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Published on July 16, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Keeping An Eye On Your Business Security Applications For Business Owners PowerPoint Presentation: The latest surveillance technology can provide important evidence for catching and prosecuting theft and also serves as an invaluable deterrent to illicit activity. Vandalism, break-ins and employee theft can all have a major impact on your company’s bottom line. Business owners aren’t entirely defenseless against malicious actors, however. PowerPoint Presentation: According to the FBI, a burglary occurs in the U.S. every 14.6 seconds. Burglars most often target businesses and offices at night. The National Retail Security Survey says retailers lose $32 billion per year to burglary. The vast majority of burglaries are forcible entry, not crimes of opportunity. Burglary Stats PowerPoint Presentation: Shoplifting & Internal Theft More than $15 billion in goods is stolen each year by shoplifters. That’s $35 million per day! Shoplifters come from all walks of life and the crime is typically an impulse decision. Employee theft causes 42 percent of all shrinkage in retail. Employee theft contributes to a third of all small business bankruptcies. PowerPoint Presentation: Lock It Up Installing proper locks on your business is your first line of defense against break-ins. Make sure you have good quality locks and also be sure to thoroughly stress to employees the importance of properly securing the store before leaving. Also, account for all keys to your store and make sure that only highly trusted staff have access to store keys. PowerPoint Presentation: Set The Alarm Make sure very few employees have access to your business’s alarm system. The less people that know the code the better. Also, have a check system in place so that the alarm is never forgotten to be set. It only takes one time to have your entire store cleared of its inventory. And don’t forget to have visual markers, such as stickers on the windows, stating your business has an alarm system. PowerPoint Presentation: Keeping Watch Installing cameras inside and outside of your business is perhaps the most effective means of deterring theft and apprehending burglars, shoplifters and other thieves. Cameras can help you ensure your property is safe. Cameras are best used when placed: Near an asset you’re trying to defend A choke point you wish to monitor PowerPoint Presentation: Effective Monitoring Texas-Surveillance has cameras that are easy to monitor in real time or that can record data for future review. The company’s latest cameras have megapixel IP technology that ensures clear images. PowerPoint Presentation: It Just Works Surveillance equipment is highly effective at reducing break-ins and employee theft. It not only aids in the apprehension of thieves and corrupt employees, a visibly present camera can also have a deterrent effect. Having surveillance equipment installed in your business can reduce loss, theft and vandalism by 80 percent. A recent report found that crime dropped in an area of Chicago by 20 percent after actively monitored cameras were installed. PowerPoint Presentation: About Texas-Surveillance Texas-Surveillance have provided top quality video security systems for our clients since 1993. Employed by banks, government agencies, warehouses, restaurants and even the police, we can provide you with great products at highly competitive prices. To learn more, please call 281-326-0790 or visit us online at . PowerPoint Presentation: Summary Property crimes against businesses can result in huge losses and can even cause some small companies to go under. Surveillance cameras and other safety measures can reduce this threat to your bottom line.

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