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Published on February 12, 2019

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slide 1: KeystoneJS Node.js CMS Web Application Platform Introduction to KeystoneJS KeystoneJS is a generic content management framework meaning that it can be used for developing a variety of web applications using Javascript. It is especially suitable for developing large-scale applications such as portals forums content management systems CMS e-commerce projects and RESTful ​Web services because of its modular architecture and clean separation of various functionality. KeystoneJS is a powerful Node.js content management system and web app framework built on express and mongoose. Keystone makes it easy to create sophisticated websites and apps and comes with a beautiful auto-generated Admin UI. Why use KeystoneJS KeystoneJS provides a standardized set of components that allow for the fast and easy development of web applications that can be quickly developed maintained and extended. KeystoneJS has a number of key features that make it worth using including: ● Modularity – Keystone will configure express – the de facto web server for node.js – for you and connect to your MongoDB database using Mongoose which is the leading ODM package. ● Auto-generated Admin UI – Whether you use it while you’re building out your application or in production as a database content management system Keystone’s Admin UI will save you time and make managing your data easy. ● Session Management – Keystone comes ready out of the box with session management and authentication features including automatic encryption for password fields. ● Email Sending – Keystone makes it easy to set up preview and send template-based emails for your application. It also integrates with Mandrill. slide 2: ● Form Processing – Want to validate a form upload an image and update your database with a single line Keystone can do that based on the data models you’ve already defined. ● Database Fields – IDs Strings Booleans Dates and Numbers are the building blocks of your database. Keystone builds on these with useful real-world fields types like name email password address image and relationship fields. Install the generator You’ll be using the KeystoneJS generator made with ​Yeoman ​. In your root directory run: npm install -g generator - keystone Create a folder for your project Create your project wherever you want: mkdir my - test - project Then make sure you’re in your new project: cd my - test - project Run the new project generator yo keystone The generator will ask you a few questions about what features you’d like to include then configure and copy all the files you’ll need into your project. It will also install dependencies from npm so you’re ready to go. Run it in your command line like this: node keystone Then open http://localhost:3000 to view it in your browser. slide 3: Project Structure With your package and web scripts in place it’s time to scaffold out containers for the rest of your app. Create the following directory structure: |--lib | Custom libraries and other code |--models | Your applications database models |--public | Static files css js images etc. that are publicly available |--routes | |--api | | Your applications api controllers | |--views | | Your applications view controllers | |--index.js | | Initialises your applications routes and views | |--middleware.js | | Custom middleware for your routes |--templates | |--includes | | Common .jade includes go in here | |--layouts | | Base .jade layouts go in here | |--mixins | | Common .jade mixins go in here | |--views | | Your applications view templates |--updates | Data population and migration scripts |--package.json | Project configuration for npm |--web.js | Main script that starts your application slide 4: View more details about this blog at Blog Source: ​ ​Tudip Technologies About Us: Tudip Technologies is an extreme value providing IT Services technology company that provides Product Engineering Web application development Mobility Solutions both Hybrid and Native Product Re-engineering 247 IT Support DevOps IOT Cloud services to clients ranging from Billion Dollar companies like Google to early stage startups.

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