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Published on June 10, 2016

Author: ktoso



1. Konrad `ktoso` Malawski founded: GDGKraków, Lambda Lounge Kraków, Kraków Scala leading: SCKRK, PolishJUG, GeeCON, GeeCON 4 Kids day job: jvm performance and distributed systems – Akka @ Lightbend

2. Kraków Communities a few years ago

3. Kraków Communities recently

4. PolishJUG / GeeCON: Adrian Nowak, Andrzej Grzesik, Marcin Gadamer, Jakub Dżon, Tomasz Borek SCKRK: Adam Pohorecki, Marcin Kostrzewa, Łukasz Dubiel, Łukasz Jachym Lambda Lounge: Adam Szlachta, Tomasz Borek; Michał Herda (kraklisp) (!) Kraków Scala: Rafał Pokrywka, Krzysztof Romanowski, Michał Pociecha GDG: Lidia & Mateusz Herych, Konrad Dzwinel, Michał Bryś, dos ;-) Credit where it’s due (+ anyone I forgot to add)

5. GDGKraków GTUG :-) Kicked off as GTUG, later renamed. Spawned Frontend / Go / Business spin-offs. Founded: ~2011 Members: 1200+ Actively looking for fresh blood if you’d like to help out! Past meetups: 60+ and a few conferences

6. Meetings around Scala and distributed systems. Increasingly popular and in high demand recently :-) Founded: Feb 2013 Members: 520 Past meetups: 49 Upcoming meetup: 20th Jun

7. Polish Java User Group & Founded by Adrian Nowak and Radek Holewa, back when when Java was new :-) First Java conference, by Adrian, in 2001 by inviting Bruce Eckel (Thinking in Java) Members: 1500+ Past meetups: hard to count, 100+ Still very active.

8. Lambda Lounge Kraków All functional programming debates that didn’t have other groups at that time. Founded: Feb 2013 Members: 520 Past meetups: 49 Upcoming meetup – kind of @ 10 Jun – KrakLisp

9. Founded because there wasn’t any proper “international” JVM-related conference in eastern europe. GeeCON made it happen. Also expanded to: Czech Republic, Poznan, Tricity Founded: 2009 (7 years of geecon!) Attendees on each event: 1200+ Main event – each May in Kraków Let’s move the Java world!

10. Founded by Adam Pohorecki, 5+ years ago. Regular 2-weekly ever since. Computer Science Whitepaper Reading Club Very unique group, requires actuall effort to participate properly.

11. Computer Science Whitepaper Reading Club 105+ meetings 96+ whitepapers 1000+ people 5+ years

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