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Published on August 11, 2014

Author: sadhanawlh



PowerPoint Presentation: R. K. Mishra World Laparoscopy Hospital Gurgaon Global Status of Robotic Surgery PowerPoint Presentation: First robot was shown in a Movie “Metropolis” 1926 Robot word was coined by Czech writer “ Karel Capek” It stands for artificial humans Courtesy of Harald Fischer, Institute for Medical Technology and Biophysics, Frankfurt First da Vinci Prototype: In 2001 after FDA approval first use on human First da Vinci Prototype Master Slave Manipulator: Master Slave M anipulator Robotic Surgery World Laparoscopy Hospital PowerPoint Presentation: Trans Atlantic MAS Globalization of Surgery September 7, 2001, First transatlantic surgery took place from New York to Strasbourg. PowerPoint Presentation: Advantages Robotic Surgery Laparoscopic Surgery 3 D Vision 2 D Vision Motion scaling Not possible Wrist Articulation Limited Range of Motion Fluid Movement Rigid Movement Tremor Filter Tremor Magnified Remote Sensing Technology Abdominal wall is Fulcrum Ergonomically Intuitive Poor Ergonomics 25X Magnification 10X Magnification MIES Not possible Haptic Feedback Limited Tactile Feedback Telesurgery with teleproctoring Not possible Seven Degree of Freedom: Seven Degree of Freedom World Laparoscopy Hospital Three Dimension Vision: Three Dimension Vision 3D Vision PowerPoint Presentation: Telementoring & Remote Proctoring REMOTE PROCTOR INTERFACE TILEPRO VIEW IN SURGEON CONSOLE TELEMENTORING - is remote guidance or teaching TELEPROCTORING - supervision from a distance using error log technology Cholecystectomy: Cholecystectomy PowerPoint Presentation: Robotic Appendectomy PowerPoint Presentation: Robotic Hernia Hysterectomy and Myomectomy: Hysterectomy and Myomectomy Clinical Limitations: Not cost effective over standard laparoscopic approach for simple surgery. Increased operative time observed Not necessary where precise is dissection not required Large Operating room space required Good Patient Side assistant is required Clinical Limitations World Laparoscopy Hospital PowerPoint Presentation: 2 nd Generation Competitor: Titan Medical Signs MOU with Apollo Hospitals for Amadeus Robotic Surgical System Some of the notable features of the Amadeus System are: Multi-articulating arms, Sound communication system, Enhanced vision systems and Real-time feedback to surgeons to know the impact of their movements while performing surgery. PowerPoint Presentation: Internal Locomotion Robot Walking robot with legs PowerPoint Presentation: Micro Robots & Nano Robots Miniaturization to extremes Can roam within human body Equipped with DNA joints and carbon nano tubes Specific functions - Repairing/Destroying individual cells 1.63 cm3 Mounted with cameras, temperature sensors, microphones, micro tools Designed at Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico PowerPoint Presentation: Protein & DNA based Nano Robot Powered autonomously by ATP B iomolecular A ctuators World Laparoscopy Hospital Conclusion: Technology is always good - it is neither angel nor evil It is up to us to breathe the moral and ethical life into these technologies We should apply them with empathy and compassion for each and every patient Robotic surgery is one example of such technology that reduces operative morbidity, hospital stay, and recovery, while improving clinical outcomes, but at what point do the BENEFITS justify the increased EXPENSE? Conclusion World Laparoscopy Hospital PowerPoint Presentation: Thanks! World Laparoscopy Hospital

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