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Published on August 10, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Welcome to Latitude Consulting Website : PowerPoint Presentation: About Latitude Consulting Latitude Consulting is a certified FMP, with over 30 years in the restaurant business, Vince has the knowledge and experience you need to succeed. He has operated everything from mom-and-pop operations to corporate restaurant companies. Website : PowerPoint Presentation: Services Latitude Consulting Restaurant Startup Restaurant Business Plans Menu Development Restaurant Design Restaurant Branding & Marketing Website : PowerPoint Presentation: Restaurant Startup Service Latitude Consulting works with you, one step at a time, to see that your specific needs are met efficiently and at minimal cost. Our experts guide you in crafting and implementing a successful restaurant concept. Website : PowerPoint Presentation: Restaurant Business Plans Why is a restaurant business plan so important? Because it creates a clear and concise road map of the vision and path to financial success. The restaurant business plan clearly defines your brand, culture, standards, unique characteristics of your restaurant and how you plan to create an emotional connection with your internal and external guests. Moreover, it states why you will be successful given the demographics, competition within the market and location. Website : PowerPoint Presentation: Menu Development The Food is a crucial element of a restaurant’s competitive advantage, growth positioning, and long term financial health. Smart menu development has never been more important. We carefully craft menu selections that deliver the“WOW ” in flavor and visual appeal. Website : PowerPoint Presentation: Restaurant Design Our design team creates restaurants that diners hate to leave! With a history of successful restaurant design projects, you can be confident that we will help transform your current design to exceed your vision. If you are developing a new concept, let us work with your team to create an unforgettable atmosphere within your budget. It will be love at first sight for your guests. Website : PowerPoint Presentation: Branding and Marketing At Latitude Consulting, our highly skilled team of seasoned restaurant marketing and restaurant branding experts is poised to significantly impact the success of startups and turnarounds, expansions and multi-unit rollouts. Website : PowerPoint Presentation: C ontact Us Email : [email protected] Website : Website :

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