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Published on March 3, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Launch of New Publication Fills Void in Ambulatory M&A Industry The official launch of The Ambulatory M&A Advisor means the introduction to the Ambulatory Care Center industry of an online information destination. Dallas, TX, March 03, 2014 - How do you strengthen an industry? While there are undoubtedly multiple answers to this question, one key element must exist for any industry to thrive: community. For the ambulatory care market, this is where The Ambulatory M&A Advisor comes into play. The publication, which is live at , is the brainchild of Blayne Rush , president and founder of Ambulatory Alliances, LLC . It is intended to establish an opportunity for communication among all those with an interest and professional position in the industry. These professionals are invited and encouraged to not only visit, but to contribute to this community. “There are obviously other healthcare publications out there, but none that are hyper-focused on the Ambulatory M&A space that’s aim is on delivering thought leadership to the owners of urgent care centers, surgery centers, and the like,” Rush said. The Ambulatory market consists of the following types of freestanding centers: ambulatory surgery centers, endoscopy centers, diagnostic/imaging centers, radiation oncology centers, freestanding emergency rooms and urgent care/immediate care centers. It is the owners, physicians, lawyers, and investors of and in such centers who require up-to-date news and research in order to be successful. The Ambulatory M&A Advisor provides this information. “[Other publications] have a broad focus which I like to call an inch deep and a mile wide, or they are focused on transactions for the professional IB’ers, valuators, transaction lawyers, etc.,” Rush said. “We are creating a destination publication that is a mile deep and an inch wide, where those professionals can deliver useful content that will educate not only the professional deal makers, but also the physician owners, sellers and buyers in these niche spaces.” All those with a stake in such outpatient facilities (lawyers, owners, physicians, etc.) now have a one-stop resource for the exchange of research, innovations, ideas and much more. Not only does the publication intend to position itself at the forefront of others like it, it will also serve as a hub for communication for those within and interested in the outpatient environment. Contact: Blayne Rush The Ambulatory M&A Advisor 18181 Midway Rd Ste 200 Dallas Texas 75287 469-385-7792 [email protected] ###

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