Launching the advantages of the brand new NTAG21X

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Published on March 11, 2014

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Launching the advantages of the brand new NTAG21X line: Launching the advantages of the brand new NTAG21X line Developing NFC methods to meet customer requirements is now far easier with the introduction of the NTAG21X series from international giant NXP, giving a brand new degree of protection and performance-monitoring . Developers of programs who previously was concerned whether NFC could give you the reliable stability , speed of reading and data answer they required are actually in a position to element new draw capabilities to their planning. The major step forward is 32-bit password security to the tag ; this protects against any storage disturbance with the tag?s data items . That?s a feature that may start the NFC entrance for all programs and security sensitive customers , particularly as, when programming the tickets , the number of proof attempts can also be limited . This Really Is attained by setting the AUTHLIM purpose towards the desired maximum; each test is measured and, when the limit is reached, the protected area of the memory is permanently closed . Another growth UID ASCII mirror ability ; that means that every visit to your website could be traced back to the tag that provided the hyperlink . Appropriate analysis of poster sites and information companies , generally expensive resources , can happen instantly , and you can roll-out specific activities to specific tickets . Assist with rapid processing of data comes with the Rapidly Read demand , enabling applications such as inline reading for printing and label production in addition to numerous logistic and warehousing applications. The enhanced RF performance also offer greater flexibility within the specification of dimensions , materials and appearance ; and the design of ultrathin labels is possible using the option of 0.75?m IC, increasing the application form possibilities of providers including publications , gaming cards and leaflets . Visit NFC Wristbands Up to now , at NFC Primary , we've the NTAG210 and the distinct NTAG213 available offtheshelf but coming the following month could be the NTAG215 and NTAG216 supplying the entire array of these new innovations . Like the NTAG213 the brand new labels will offer you the 24-bit counter , preserving a valuable record of exactly how many times a tag has been tapped , invaluable for promotional examination and useful monitoring . Most Of The NTAG21X have the individuality signature that can guarantee product authenticity , each tag?s UID is signed using a NXP private key and the resulting 32-byte signature is located in a hidden the main NTAG21x storage during IC manufacturing . NFC is really demonstrating the potential that it gives to both improve customer service and help professional fidelity ? and this is simply the start of the value that will undoubtedly be produced by these exciting new instruments .

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