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Published on July 17, 2014

Author: scetraining

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PowerPoint Presentation: Lead Generation www.scetraining.com/our-services/business-sales TELESALES - APPOINTMENT SETTING – LEAD GENERATION: TELESALES - APPOINTMENT SETTING – LEAD GENERATION   www.scetraining.com/our-services/business-sales WHY WE….: WHY WE…. With over 25 years of combined experience in sales team management and training , coupled with 10 years of studying the psychological principles of NLP. www.scetraining.com/our-services/business-sales BENIFIETS FROM SCE…: BENIFIETS FROM SCE… U can make sales calls with increased confidence and competence. U can use appropriate techniques to ‘win’ the business. U can Communicate effectively with a range of potential customers. U can engage your target audience with renewed professionalism www.scetraining.com/our-services/business-sales PowerPoint Presentation: Full Telesales Skills is a one-day workshop that will take you through generating new leads, prioritising outbound calls through to closing deals, appointments, this workshop covers it all. www.scetraining.com/our-services/business-sales For More Details….: For More Details…. www.scetraining.com/our-services/business-sales

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