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Published on March 12, 2020

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1. STRIM S-LOG03 Mar 2020 Daji Shin — UX/Graphic Designer League of Legends 101

2. "LoL is not just a game. It is a culture. " #game #thumb_commandar #league_of_legends

3. 1. to start the review There's one thing I like most. Except for working hours in the last two or three years, what I've done the most has to do with League of Legends. Starting with this review, which covers the first half of League of Legends, I want to continue to review the contents of LoL Park, LoL Championship, character skins, etc. Before that, I thought I needed to write a first review of the game as a whole. From the moment I first found out about the game, I’m gonna start writing overall about the style of play, the things that were impressive in this game.

4. 2. How I started this game I had a friend who met me six years ago while dancing tango in Argentina. We danced together and followed each other's Instagram. That night he sent me this DM. “Daji, do you play lol?” at that time, I thought like ‘what is lol? is it laugh out loud..?’ It was the first time I knew ‘lol’ is a online game.

5. Me & Diego(who sent me the insta DM) dancing Tango

6. After I realized that 'lol(League of Legends)' was a game, there was a lot of talk about it all over the place. A classmate who was late for school, said he overslept while playing ‘LoL’ all night, and another classmate said she had a big fight because her boyfriend couldn't contact her for like 8 hours while he was playing LoL. I was so curious. “what on earth is 'LoL' so many people crazy about?” and I decided to do it myself.

7. 3. How to play LoL 1. LoL is a 5:5 game between the Blue and Red teams 2. each team having nine towers, three inhibitors and a Nexus. 3. The team that destroys the tower and destroys the opponent's Nexus first wins. 4. Game time varies from time to time, but the average is between 25 and 40 minutes.

8. square : towers / x : inhibitors / star : Nexus There are 3 lanes as shown in the map. There are one person in the top, one in the mid, and two in the bottom(ADC&Support). The other wonder around the area of the jungle as shown on the map, killing neutral monsters and creating unexpected variables(ganking) in each lane.

9. A user's position is not always the same. You can go to the desired position for every game. However, since the champions are slightly different from each position, there is usually a main position that you go to often. In my case, I prefer Support the most, and then ADC or Mid. The Baron Nashor and the Dragon are large neutral monsters, and the team that gets rid of them gets a lot of buffs. Top Jungle Mid ADC Support < 5 positions in LoL >

10. 4. Tear. Competition and Growth, the driving force behind LoL If you know about LoL, you'll wonder about my tier. Or if you don't know LoL at all, the first thing you need to know about this game is the concept of 'Tier.'

11. LoL has nine levels of tier, from Iron to Challenger, and each of them has a detailed tier as shown below.At level 30, you can play a rank game and your tier is 'deployed' after the first 10 games. If you wins the rank game, you will earn points and be able to raise the tier. One of the most impressive things about this tier system is that there is a challenger on top of the master. The Challenger is a tier given to only 200 players out of the total number of players on a national server, and many professional players also belong here. I'm on Diamond1 tier, and this is in the top 0.3%.

12. After Season9, my tier is Diamond 1. Anyway, in the roll, the tier is the biggest motivation for the players. If you raise your score, 1) You can play games with a better team, 2) Receiving rewards in and out of the game at the end of the season, 3) You can enjoy competing for a higher goal.

13. 4. Why LoL Is Loved for 10 Years LoL marks its 10th anniversary this year, and it is a completely different move from other games. The e-sports industry is growing with LoL at the forefront, and LoL has maintained its undisputed No. 1 position for years, unwavering against the threat of any other game. There are clear reasons why LoL is loved for so long. Today's review will briefly discuss the reasons, and then discuss them in depth one after another.

14. LoL is a game that catches and reflects users' feedback and needs the fastest. I've played several games, but I've never seen such a progressive improvement in the user interface. It is felt that LoL is actively trying to improve user experience and design itself with a trendy visual interface. 1. User Oriented

15. These champions have different cultural backgrounds and stories. The 147 champions naturally mingle within LoL's worldview and stimulate user interest. Also, changing the appearance of a champion is called 'skin', which is almost the only paid content of LoL. The skins are also very trendy, and players are enthusiastic about the skins, which are not involved in any function in the game. 2. Culture & Trend

16. <True Damage Qiana Prestige Edition> Recently, they also released 'True Damage Qiana Prestige Edition' that collaborated with Louis Vuitton.

17. In order to gain a high position in most other games, you must pay for items with added capabilities or features, or spend absolutely a lot of time in the game. However, LoL was completely different. They don't make it as 'pay to win' game. LoL didn't make it possible to purchase any items that could affect the game's performance or victory by paying real money. The same is true of time It's true that it takes time to improve the game's skill level, but playing games a lot of time doesn't mean you can improve your "tier." What matters is your skills, strategy and teamwork. I think this ability-oriented fair system has helped LoL become the longest-loved game. 3. The Real Motivation

18. LoL is not just a game. It is a culture. It's like Nike. Just as Nike sells sportswear but creates lifestyle trends, LoL goes beyond a simple game to create e-sports culture and trends. Riot Games, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, heralded the launch of various new games and the segmentation of services. I'm looking forward to seeing the new games of Riot Games and what future League of Legends will do to the game industry. ◼ My Conclusion

19. My kitty jello was disturbing me playing LoL

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