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Published on July 14, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Streamlined Sales E-Commerce Integration Increases Efficiency, Reduces Costs PowerPoint Presentation: E-Commerce Integration With online payment becoming more and more popular for everything from vacations to apparel and vehicles, efficient processing is increasingly important. Integrating your in-store and online sales systems helps streamline your business. Leap Payments e-Commerce solution allows our online payment system to connect with important existing hardware and software your business already uses. PowerPoint Presentation:   Why E-Commerce Integration? E-Commerce integration helps your business by:   Making sure your online and point of sale systems are compatible and have access to all necessary information in your databases Makes tracking client shopping behavior easier Prevents discrepancies in financial records Reduces administrative burdens PowerPoint Presentation:   Compatibility Leap Payments e-Commerce is compatible with more than 900 integrated e-commerce solutions and online shopping carts. This compatibility ensures our clients don’t have to deal with extra workload created by mismatched solutions. PowerPoint Presentation:   Working With Shopping Carts Your e-commerce site may have an existing shopping cart system. Our payment processing solution will work with the cart, allowing for easy processing of credit and debit card payments . This convenience will save you the cost of changing your cart system and the trouble of acclimating to a new system. PowerPoint Presentation:   Convenience Leap Payments solutions allow clients to accept credit cards online in real-time, cutting the time it takes to make a transaction. Quicker transaction times make customers happy and give your company the ability to take more orders in a shorter time-frame, allowing you to handle high volumes of business. PowerPoint Presentation:   Security Options Online security is an increasingly pressing concern as cybercrime rates continue to rise. Leap Payments protects client data with:   Advanced encryption Fraud detection Compliance with the latest data security standards PowerPoint Presentation:  Scalable Solutions Leap Payments e-Commerce solution is scalable, allowing clients to get just the level of service and support they need, while leaving room to grow as sales increase. This flexibility makes Leap Payments ideal for businesses large and small. PowerPoint Presentation:   Setting Up Leap Payments can quickly set you up with an integrated e-commerce solution. To get access, contact the company. A representative will:   Discuss your needs Review your current payment processing hardware and software Suggest upgrades Help you find the most cost effective solution PowerPoint Presentation: About Leap Payments Leap Payments provides credit card processing merchant services for clients in need of dependable and affordable payment solutions. Leap Payments can provide basic credit card machines, wireless credit card processing equipment and other point of sale solutions . Offering dependable service with no hidden fees or expensive equipment leases, Leap Payments works diligently to help clients pay the lowest possible rates . To learn more, visit http://www.leappayments.com/ or call 1-800-993-6300.

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