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Published on July 12, 2014

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Leroy Tywon Flowers tips to Discover How to Become a Copywriter : Leroy Tywon Flowers tips to Discover How to Become a Copywriter Leroy Tywon Flowers always provide great tips become a copywriter and they have explained well such tips to help everyone whose dream is to become a copywriter. Those who love writing, may find a copywriting career attractive. However, writing about washing powder for clients is very different to writing for pleasure. A few hints and tips on how to become a copywriter may help writers to decide whether copywriting is for them. A copywriter needs business and sales skills, as well as writing ability, drive, inspiration, resilience and more to be successful. 1) People Knowledge – insatiable curiosity about why people behave as they do and why they buy particular items. An understanding of how individuals view themselves and their lives. 2) Thorough knowledge and understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar rules and how to break them, when necessary. 3) How to weave stories using words to excite, intrigue and captivate. 4) Ability and skill in researching, knowing the products or services that you are selling will reap rewards, research and having excellent interviewing skills are essential. Copywriters need more than writing ability; they also need some psychology, sales and marketing skills. Copywriters with these skills stand out from the crowd. Leroy Tywon Flowers explains how to set up everything step by step: Setting up a copywriting business When establishing any business it is necessary to decide on which legal identity that the business will have. Establishing a copywriting business as a sole trader means that the company has no employees, not even the sole trader. Establishing a business this way has benefits; time is not lost in legally establishing the business and bookkeeping is very much easier and cheaper for a sole trader. However, the big disadvantage to being a sole trader is that s/he is personally liable for business debts and personal assets such as a house can be seized to pay off any debts. Another disadvantage is that larger clients may think a sole trader copywriting business too small to deal with their requirements, making tendering for some jobs difficult. Establishing a business as a Limited Company means that personal liability for company debt is legally limited; company assets can be seized to pay company debts but personally owned property and assets cannot. Also a limited Company may appear to be larger and more professional to clients than a sole trader. However, operating costs for limited companies are expensive. Legally, companies must hire accountants and file annual company reports to Companies House in the UK or the State Government in the United States, plus there are legal requirements as to directors, company secretaries, and shareholder meetings etc. Leroy Tywon Flowers tells how and from where to work : Where to Work Decide where to work- set up a home office or space that is professional, rather than domestic. Self-discipline is very important. Equipment Telephone- a dedicated business telephone line will not only be the more professional option but it will help to draw the distinction between work and home. Your business line could simply be a cheap mobile or cell telephone. Desk or Table for your laptop or desktop computer – a proper desk, a wallpaper table or any flat surface. Chair – while it is unnecessary to spend money on a desk, it is wise to spend money on a suitable chair for the individual writer’s needs. An orthopedic, ergonomic chair is a very prudent investment. Computer – desktop or laptop buy the fastest computer that money allows. A desktop is much easier to upgrade than a laptop. A back-up drive saves stress, frustration and heartbreak. Stationary – since most copywriting work uses digital means and e mail, invoices and business cards are sufficient for copywriting businesses. What is in a Name? A copywriting business can use the writer’s name, adding copywriting can make it appear more professional. The business’ name could use writing related words. It immediately shows that the business’s purpose is writing, but it is difficult to find words not already in use. The last option is to use a completely abstract name, allowing the business to expand into other areas. Importantly, choose a memorable name that is simple to spell.Having a few hints and tips on how to become a copywriter in the freelance industry gives prospective copywriters an advantage in this growing industry. If you need more help you can contact Leroy Tywon Flowers for more details  

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