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Published on July 31, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: ~ Les Condos Crescent ~ A Boutique Style Residential Condos in Downtown Montreal PowerPoint Presentation: Les Condos Crescent L es Condos Crescent is an real estate firm that mainly establish accommodation spaces or condos around Montreal, Quebec. They are famous for their Boutique style residential houses. More then that, Les Condos Crescent never compromise with their quality and their commitments. Recently, it developed 90 Condos (boutique style residential houses) and makes or sparks a feeling of value with affordable price. To make your life luxurious with Boutique style residential condos, visit once here . PowerPoint Presentation: Les Condos Crescent Projects L es Condos Crescent is a boutique style project that construct 90 condos on II floor. As we committed towards the quality under standards, we offers highly adorable and elegant infra, modern amenities and eye catching interior. Experience the exceptional delight of a stylish and realistic lifestyle in the most desirable region in Montreal. PowerPoint Presentation: Les Condos Crescent Plans L es Condos Crescent’s official site is transparent for all. At there we offer our plans according to specified floor. You just need to check out our plans via selecting your floor and here is complete plan for you. Plans per Floor II nd Floor Plan PowerPoint Presentation: Get Connect! L es Condos Crescent situated in the heart of downtown Montreal. With an free parking availability, we opens 365 days a year. On week days, we serves our services noon to 7 P.M. and on weekends, we work noon to 5 P.M. Les Condos Crescent 1207 Crescent Street Montreal, Quebec H3G 2B1 T. 514.746.4444 www.condoscrescent.com/home

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