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Published on August 10, 2014

Author: lilibethtorrefie



My Presentation: My Presentation Lilibeth P. Torrefiel Com-Sec: 2E Com-Sec 2E Best Pictures: Com-Sec 2E Best Pictures 2E group Dre’s Picture Tatak L. Corp Pic. G-6 Friend Quotes Community Service Pic Party-party pic. Mix pic. End of presentation Com-Sec 2E: Com-Sec 2E With Dre’s: With Dre’s Tatak L. Corp. : Tatak L. Corp. G-6 with me and Rose: G-6 with me and Rose Community Service Photo: Community Service Photo Party-party Picture: Party-party Picture Mix Pic: Mix Pic End of Presentation: End of Presentation Thank you for watching

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