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Published on August 27, 2009

Author: Hrootbeer



Lilith Succubus:Demoness out of Hell,Heartbreaker of Sunset Valley : Lilith Succubus:Demoness out of Hell,Heartbreaker of Sunset Valley Satan exiled Lilith from Hell. To return, she and her descendents must seduce 100 Sim men. It’s harder than it would seem. Slide 2: When last we left our Heartbreaking-hottie, Lilith had sworn never ever to get pregnant again. After all, it was not a prerequisite of her return to Hell. This guy was boyfriend #6, Ruben Ruiz. No progeny was produced from their union. Slide 3: Little Cleo (Lilith’s second daughter) is a little disgusted with the state of affairs in their household, but she sets off to collect rocks and such for another influx of cash. Slide 4: Cleo forces her hydrophobic sister, Helen, (Lilith’s third daughter) to accompany her to the beach on a collection foray. Helen isn’t very happy. Does her hair look almost green to anyone else? Slide 5: Just because she doesn’t have to collect for her supper doesn’t mean that Nefertiti’s life is any better. Nope, she has to make sure that Mona Lisa learns some skills before she becomes a child. Nefi teaches Mona Lisa about the Grim Reaper. How appropriate. Slide 6: When Mona does age up, Nefi is the first to cheer for her. Mona Lisa hadn’t had a good toddler-hood, so she was assigned the trait, technophobe, added to athletic and heavy sleeper. Poor thing. But at least she’s pretty. Look at those eyes. Just like Lilith’s. Slide 7: At the party, Lilith starts scoping out boyfriend #7, and she’s doing a bit of cradle robbing. “Are you seducing me Mrs. Robinson?” “Of course I am, darling…but who’s Mrs. Robinson?” Yep, that’s little Sam Sekemoto. Slide 8: Lilith likes a good wiener both in and out of bed. “With relish!” (Yeah, there were two movie quotes in the last two slides…The Graduate and Grease. I love to quote movies!) Slide 9: Lilith’s girls get along quite well. Helen and Mona Lisa like to play tag. Later I got them a ball to play catch, but someone stole it at one of the many birthday parties that have happened. Slide 10: Most of the girls are a little leery of their fathers. Helen tries to get to know her dad, Miraj Alvi. Miraj doesn’t have much to say to her no matter how friendly she is. Slide 11: Cleo’s dad, on the other hand, gets to know his daughter very well. They become best friends eventually. (He’s Sammie Cartwright, in case you’ve forgotten Lilith’s string of men.) Slide 12: Mona Lisa isn’t sure what to make of her father, boyfriend #4, better known as Wilfred Snowden. Wilfred talks to her, but not much comes of it. (The guy in the blue is Nefertiti’s boyfriend, LaShawn Langerak.) Slide 13: Sam Sekemoto is inappropriate. Even though Lilith is right there blowing in his ear (with the birthday horn) he’s asking Morgana Wolff if she’s single. Bad boy. Lilith is going to dump you anyway. Slide 14: Sweet little Cleopatra ages up into quite a stunner. She was given the flirty trait, which is required by all Succubi (it’s the family trait, you know.) Remember the guy who fainted at the gym…well this is him. Cleo decides to chat him up a bit. Slide 15: Sam even thinks inappropriate things about Nefertiti! She’s thinking about love, but not with him! “You’d be cute if you hadn’t woo’d and hoo’d with my mother all night! Get away from me!” Slide 16: Wilfred once again steels candy from one of Lilith’s babies! Not even Lilith is allowed to do this. Satan should rise up and smite this guy! (That’s little Diana Succubus, Lilith’s last daughter.) Slide 17: Lilith gives Sam another romp on her rubber sheets (yes, they really are). Doesn’t he look trusting and sweet? Slide 18: Like a praying mantis or a black widow spider, Lilith chomps down on Sam’s figurative head as she ruthlessly breaks up with him. I imagined his thought bubble as something like: “But, it’s my birthday. Don’t I get one more to grow on or something?” Slide 19: Nefertiti gladly lets Cleo take up some of the babysitting slack. Cleo looks down on Diana like she has no clue what to do. “She stinks…and she’s crying. Do I have to pick her up?” Slide 20: Of course, it isn’t long before Diana becomes a toddler and needs to start learning her skills. But, with so many older sisters, she shouldn’t have much problem learning everything. Slide 21: Lilith also moves on to her eighth boyfriend, Davy Linnell. Remember him? He was Nefertiti’s first babysitter. He still looks a bit shell shocked at these red women. Slide 22: Meanwhile, Nefertiti herself became a young adult. Her choice of wardrobe left something to be desired. She was planning a career in politics to go along with her LTW to be Golden Fingered, Golden Tongued (take it in what way thou wilt). Don’t worry, though. A makeover was just the thing she needed. Slide 23: Nefi likes purple, so she opted for a lovely purple dress. She also adopted the braids that her dad favored. She’s not classically beautiful, but I still think she’s got an exotic sort of beauty. Slide 24: Ok, so this isn’t a good picture of her, but really, Nefertiti is very attractive. Nefertiti’s traits are Brave, Virtuoso, Can’t Stand Art, Flirty and Easily Impressed, which I randomly rolled for her. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make her like her mother any better. Slide 25: “You know, if I become the heiress, one of the perks will be a bigger bed.” Nefi fills out this lovely pair of undies from the Mod the Sims site (or TSR, I can’t remember.) Slide 26: Lilith has quite the garden which prompts occasional trips to the grocery to sell her wares (yes, she is a vegetable pimp…what of it?) Slide 27: Sometimes she meets guys there like this oldster who died two days after she met him (after he got married and fathered a child…or so the Indie Stone Mod informed me). Look in the background of this shot…squint a little… Slide 28: A fight had broken out near the grocery. Lilith didn’t see who all was involved because the old guy wouldn’t stop talking. If she had, she probably would have made one of them her next victim…er….boyfriend. Slide 29: Oh wait, who needs random brawlers when you can find a handyman at the park. Lilith liked the way his tools were hung. His name was Mario Costa. Yummy. “Number 9, number 9…number 9” (yeah, I quote songs, too… Beattles in this case.) Slide 30: But before there could be nine, Lilith had to secure #8. Davy was proving harder to catch. But he eventually fell in line. I still like that yellow hair of his, so I’m glad he finally agreed to go steady with her. Slide 31: Cleo likes to spend time at the art gallery. She is still doing her homework here. Slide 32: Helen and Mona Lisa make friends outside their home. This was when they still had a ball to play catch, but mostly they both liked a rousing game of tag. Slide 33: Now that she was a working girl, Nefertiti had to pay for her share of the bills. Slide 34: Oh, and she decided that LaShawn wasn’t good enough for a future politician. She invited him over, met him at the door, broke up with him and then asked him to leave. Like mother, like daughter…but don’t let Nefi hear you say that. Slide 35: Nefertiti still had a thing for her old babysitter, Davy. She started flirting with him autonomously, but he didn’t respond well. This is one more reason why she hates her mother. Slide 36: ‘Course I’m not sure why Davy was thinking about Cleo. She’s just a teen. Davy deserves what happens to him when Lilith rips out his hopeless romantic (pedophile) heart. Slide 37: Oh yeah, it was Helen’s birthday. She got her sister’s old dress as a hand-me-down. Her hair still looks somewhat green, too. Slide 38: Ain’t nothing a little blue dye and a haircut can’t take care of. Helen looks so sweet with this little Snow White do. (I think this is a Peggy hair, but it might be MTS or TSR…I ought to write these things down.) Slide 39: “Oh Davy, that was lovely.” “Oh Lilith, that was better than I ever thought it would be with someone so much older than me.” What? Slide 40: “Who’re you calling old. We’re through!” Slide 41: Who knew that demons barfed red? Lilith is pregnant again. Davy told her he was sterile so no protection was used. Lying bastard! Lilith damned him to Hell for making her go through childbirth again. Slide 42: Oh pretty Cleo. She’s flirting with Wesley Landgraab. She’s hoping that he’ll take her to the movies or to the Bistro. She’ll forgive him his horrible center part and ponytail and the gray acid-washed jeans. Slide 43: Looks like Nefi has found her own well-hung-tool man. His name was Alvaro Webber. “How you doin’?” Slide 44: Helen and Cleo fight about who gets to paint on the easel. Maybe both of them should have collected more rocks so that Lilith could afford two of them. Slide 45: Mona Lisa finds two fantastic gems earning her family almost $400. Yay Mona! Slide 46: Nefertiti invites Tory Andrews, her old friend, over one night after work. She wanted to show him her new room (courtesy of some scavenger money…sorry, no new easel.) Tory takes after his svelte mother and not his portly father. Slide 47: Pretty soon Nefertiti has her second boyfriend. She also rolled the wish to marry and move in with Tory. Both of those desires won’t be fulfilled if she becomes heir, of course. Slide 48: Though she’s pregnant, Lilith decides to invite her handyman, Mario Costa, over for dinner. He has aged, but he still carries all the right tools. Slide 49: Helen chit chats with Omar Dexter at Mona Lisa’s birthday party. Cleo looks annoyed by this. Not sure why as she is going steady with Wesley Landgraab. Slide 50: Mario is awesome. He has no problem with the fact that Lilith is pregnant. Slide 51: Nine down, one to go. Too bad this one has to be let go. Lilith should have waited and made him #10. Slide 52: Wow, Mona Lisa might have had the best age transition of all of the girls. She’s stunning. Look at Casey, one of the old babysitters, checking her out. Slide 53: In the middle of the party there was a knock at the door. Sam Sekemoto wasn’t invited, but he came anyway. He looks so forlorn now that Lilith has dumped him. Slide 54: Although she got the flirty trait as a teen, what Mona Lisa loved most was exercise. She took to jogging around the neighborhood (occasionally she found insects and gems to add to her family’s coffers.) Slide 55: Helen and Cleo became friends after a new easel was purchased. Cleo is holding Diana…she still has babysitter duties. Slide 56: Lilith tried to be friends with Nefertiti now that Nefi was an adult. She complimented her on her music and applauded her career choice. Slide 57: No flattery or schmoozing would persuade Nefi to give up her resentment toward her mother. All positive interactions always ended negatively between them. Slide 58: Nefertiti’s resentment probably had something to do with the fact that her father was dead. All of her sisters got to know their fathers. Cleo and Sammie are best friends. Slide 59: Helen and Miraj had a lot in common. Slide 60: Even little Diana (who had aged into a pudgy child) was getting to know her pudgy dad, Markus Yee. That’s Mona in the background talking with Mario. Slide 61: Here’s a shot of Diana’s birthday. All of the sisters are in the picture and even Davy is cheering. Most of Lilith’s boyfriends attend the parties and don’t seem to have too many problems getting along. Slide 62: All except Sam, who tries to smooch Nefertiti again. He’s a real creeper. Slide 63: And as all of the guests were leaving, Lilith goes into labor. Her three oldest daughters freak out. “Look, I managed to give birth to all of you, didn’t I. Calm down and call me a friggin’ cab!” Slide 64: Whoa! This time Lilith has a boy! (No, she didn’t eat apples, but she’s no longer eating quick food, either.) She named this child Ozzie…you can decide if it was for Ozzy Ozborn or Ozymandias, King of Kings (of Percy Shelley poetry fame.) Slide 65: Now, I could have ended this presentation with the birth of Ozzie, but Lilith wanted to make sure that she still had it in her. Look at Mario, he’s happy he gets to use his tool at last. Slide 66: Aw, the morning after. Lilith ruins Mario’s day. Slide 67: Diana is all about the outdoors. Her first through fourth wishes were all about fishing. Luckily, there’s a fishing hole right across the street. BTW: Diana got to pick a trait at her birthday, so in keeping with tradition, I assigned her one of Lilith’s traits. In this case, she got evil since Helen got hydrophobic. Slide 68: And, since she would rather be outside, she does her homework right by the pond. All of Lilith’s kids besides Nefertiti, regularly do their homework. Diana does her homework evilly. Slide 69: Two easels are better than one. These two girls have very different aesthetics. Cleo calls hers “Emerald in the sky” and Helen names hers “Three houses.” Slide 70: This is Lamont Whitlock. He’s skinny and not very attractive. Why is he at Lilith’s house? Well…he’s magical number 10. Did you ever see Revenge of the Nerds? Lilith has and is remembering Anthony Edwards in that movie as she’s talking to Lamont. Slide 71: Boy, don’t they both look smug? And look at that pasty, white chest. This guy is no Mario, is he? Like the Wrigley gum PJ’s, though. And with that, Lilith gets the Heartbreaker LTW before becoming an elder (it’s her birthday). Satan, eat your heart out. Slide 72: Of course, there is a little matter of 10 boyfriends per generation until 100 men have been seduced. And also, Lilith now has a boy to raise. Ah, who’s kidding who here? Lilith won’t be raising him. Helen is the first of the girls to lavish affection on her little brother. I wonder if the boy will have Davy’s hair. I hope so, damn it, or I made her have another baby for nothing! Slide 73: Who should be the Succubus Heir and continue the obligation to break hearts all over Sunset Valley? Please vote at The Succubus Legacy Blog. Nefertiti Cleopatra Helen Mona Lisa Diana

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