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Published on June 5, 2009

Author: mrsnordstrom



Slide 1: By Julia Nordstrom Santa Paula CA Barbara Webster Elementary School Lines and Angles Slide 2: Points An exact position or location Slide 3: Lines and Rays RAY: A part of a line, with one endpoint, that continues without end in one direction LINE: A straight path extending in both directions with no endpoints LINE SEGMENT: A part of a line that includes two points, called endpoints, and all the points between them Slide 4: More about Lines INTERSECTING LINES: Lines that cross PARALLEL LINES: Lines that never cross and are always the same distance apart Perpendicular Lines : Perpendicular Lines Two lines that intersect to form four right angles Slide 6: What is it? Ray Line Intersecting Lines Parallel Lines Line Segment Slide 7: Angles The figure formed when two rays share the same endpoint Right Angle: An angle that forms a square corner Acute Angle: An angle less than a right angle Obtuse Angle: An angle greater than a right angle Slide 8: Right Angle or Not? Right Angle Right Angle Not! Not! Not! Not! Slide 9: Right, Acute or Obtuse? Right Angle Right Angle Obtuse Greater Acute Less Acute Less Obtuse Greater Slide 10: Biblilography Harcourt Math Multimedia Glossary

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