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Published on August 7, 2014

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Lou Gervino Driving School: Lou Gervino Driving School Web Address: https://sites.google.com/site/lougervinodrivingschool/ Cell/Text: 204-960-6515 Email: [email protected] Agenda: Agenda Contact Information About Lou Pre-Road Test Lessons The Car Why Pick Lou Gervino Driving School? Prices Driving Skills Upgrade Contact Information: Contact Information Text or Call: (204) 960-6515 Email: [email protected] About Lou: About Lou WORK HISTORY Certified as a driving instructor in 1985 Was a Manitoba Provincial Driver Examiner for 5 years Area Manager for Driver Testing in Winnipeg also for about 5 years Driver Education Manager at MPI for 16 years Instructor for Manitoba Safety Council for approximately 10 years teaching Defensive Driving, Skid Avoidance, the Responsible Drivers Course and Motorcycle Riding About Lou: About Lou Teaching the Driving Instructor Preparation Course at Red River College and for Manitoba Public Insurance to students wanting to become driving instructors since 1994. Started in 1982 at Red River College teaching Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, Marketing Teaching business courses at the University of Winnipeg including Business Fundamentals, Marketing Fundamentals, Organizational Behaviour, Strategic Marketing and Mindmapping About Lou: About Lou TRAINING As the Driver Education Manager at Manitoba Public Insurance for 16 years, I attended an annual 4 day conference in the USA which included numerous works shops on best practices in driver training and education. I successfully completed several advanced driving courses including the: Winnipeg Police Services Vehicle Operations Course Labatt’s Road Scholarship Course Manitoba Safety Council Skid Avoidance Course Driving Instructor Preparation Course Prices: Prices Prices     Our rates are: 1 hour = $45 1 1/2 hour = $55 2 hour = $80 4 lessons package = $300 (4 lessons and each lesson is 2 hours long) Prices: Prices ONLY AVAILABLE FOR MEDICAL REASONS AND SUBJECT TO APPROVAL OF TEMPORARY PERMIT 1 Hour -$35 your car 1 1/2 hour = $45 your car We accept cash only. The Car: The Car A 2014 Nissan Versa with a dual control brake pedal and mirror is used and provides outstanding 360 degree visibility for the learning driver. It is a GREAT car to use to learn parallel parking. The car is smoke and odour free, air conditioned and is also immaculately clean. Pre-Road Test Lessons: Pre-Road Test Lessons My Road Test Preparation Driving Lesson packages include an initial assessment to evaluate the student's skills. The assessment covers the major provincial road test topics, such as: Steering Control Starting Stopping (Threshold Braking) Straight-line Driving Turning Uncontrolled Intersections Crosswalks Pre-Road Test Lessons: Pre-Road Test Lessons The assessment also covers: Speed (Control) Defensive Driving Concepts Controlled Intersections Lane Changes Passing Boulevard Turn Parallel Parking Perpendicular Parking Parking Lot Driving Lessons will then be customized to focus on gap that need to be addressed to bring the student up to the provincial road test standards Why Pick Lou?: Why Pick Lou? Experienced in teaching nervous students Most up to date techniques in driver training and education Always on-time Competitive prices and best dollar value Free pick-up and drop-off Car available for road test Class 5 road tests booked for our students Parallel parking taught in 2 easy steps and can be completed in less than a minute. Patient Pre-booked road test appointments are available at all times of the year. Driving Skills Upgrade: Driving Skills Upgrade Driving Skill Upgrade Lesson packages can include: Winter Driving Defensive Driving Manual Transmission Driving Driving Skills Upgrade: Driving Skills Upgrade Please call or text me to arrange a customized Driving Skills Upgrade lessons. I also offer employee driving assessments and evaluations, to help organizations determine the level of skills of employees and to assess and remedy any risk to company vehicles. I have had numerous years experience winter driving, defensive driving and manual transmission driving as a sub contractor for the Manitoba Safety Council. Lou Gervino-Background: Lou Gervino-Background • Experienced and trained in teaching anxious students (Major In Psychology with 25 years of teaching experience in car and classroom in various schools including Red River College, U of W, Selkirk Regional Comprehensive, St. Mary’s Academy, ) • Most up to date techniques in driver training and education • Punctual Why Pick Lou Gervino: Why Pick Lou Gervino • Parallel parking taught in 2 easy steps and can be completed in the least amount of time. • Trained and educated in driver education and training “best practises” • Was a provincial Driver Examiner and worked in Driver Testing for 10 years • Can conduct driving lessons in vehicles modified by Rehab Engineering Competitive prices and best dollar value (Best quality for what you pay!)

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