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Published on July 9, 2014

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Antibody –based protection against HIV infection by vectored immunoprophylaxis.: Madhusmita Dhupal . Student-ID:-2013139002 PhD:1 st semester Molecular Embryology Lab Department of Animal Science CBNU Antibody –based protection against HIV infection by vectored immunoprophylaxis . Alexandro B.Balazs , Joyce Chen et al. California,USA 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 1 Contents: Introduction and Rationale Hypothesis Objective Material & Methods Results Summary & Conclusion Contents 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 2 I. Introduction and Rationale : Alejandro et al engeneered AAV based vector which resulted high efficacy for HIV. Lfe long expression of moAb All previously discovered Ab showed high level somatic mution . Antiretroviral therapy has proven efficacy in many immuno defficiency diseses (e.g. Lebers conginital amaurosis ) II. Hypothesis: Adeno associatd virus vector could be eefective in MoAb de novo and life long expression with prophylaxis against HIV. I. Introduction and Rationale 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 3 III. Objective: III. Objective ☺To find out AAV vector with low toxicity and life long activity of MoAb with superprophylaxis . ☺ To find out high efficacy in low dose and reduced somatic mutationof AAV vector agaist HIV. Objective 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 4 IV. Material & Methods: IV. Material & Methods ELISA Flow Cytometry q-PCR Recombinant DNA technology 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 5 WHAT IS HIV??: WHAT IS HIV?? “Human Immunodeficiency Virus” A unique type of virus (a retrovirus) Invades the helper Tcells (CD4 cells) in the body of the host (defense mechanism of a person) Threatening a global epidemic. Preventable, managable but not curable. 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 6 “The viral genome”: “The viral genome” Icosahedral (20 sided), enveloped virus of the lentivirus subfamily of retroviruses. Retroviruses transcribe RNA to DNA. Two viral strands of RNA found in core surrounded by protein outer coat. Outer envelope contains a lipid matrix within which specific viral glycoproteins are imbedded. These knob-like structures responsible for binding to target cell. 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 7 HIV LIFE CYCLE: HIV LIFE CYCLE 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 8 3D ANIMATION OF HIV LIFE CYCLE:: 3D ANIMATION OF HIV LIFE CYCLE: 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 9 Geographic Landscape of the Epidemic: Geographic Landscape of the Epidemic 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 10 Current Global HIV/AIDS Snapshot: Current Global HIV/AIDS Snapshot New Infections 2010 Deaths 2010 People Living with HIV/AIDS 2010 34 Million 2.6 Million 1.8 Million Source :  UNAIDS, World AIDS Day Report 2011 , 2011. 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 11 PowerPoint Presentation: Trajectory of the Epidemic Over Time Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, based on special data request to UNAIDS and UNAIDS , World AIDS Day Report 2011 , 2011. End of 2010: 34 million The first cases of HIV were identified thirty years ago. More than 60 million people have been infected with HIV over the course of the epidemic. 30 million have died. 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 12 ESCALATING EPIDEMIC !!!: ESCALATING EPIDEMIC !!! Source: WHO/UNAIDS/UN The Millennium Development Goals Report, 2009, p.32 and WHO. 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 13 Stage 1 - Primary: Stage 1 - Primary Short, flu-like illness - occurs one to six weeks after infection Mild symptoms Infected person can infect other people 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 14 Stage 2 - Asymptomatic: Stage 2 - Asymptomatic Lasts for an average of ten years This stage is free from symptoms There may be swollen glands The level of HIV in the blood drops to low levels HIV antibodies are detectable in the blood 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 15 Stage 3 - Symptomatic: Stage 3 - Symptomatic The immune system deteriorates Opportunistic infections and cancers start to appear. 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 16 Stage 4 - HIV  AIDS: Stage 4 - HIV  AIDS The immune system weakens too much as CD4 cells decrease in number. 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 17 Experimental design:: IgG1 transgene : Experimental design: SS V H SS V L Kappa CONSTANT Heavy Chain constant Region F2A NSG MICE B6 MICE Gastronemial intra- musclular injection AAV 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 18 PowerPoint Presentation: AB Balazs et al. Nature 000 , 1 - 4 (2011) doi:10.1038/nature10660 Result: FIG. 1: VIP protects against HIV-mediated CD4 cell depletion in humanized mice. 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 19 PowerPoint Presentation: AB Balazs et al. Nature 000 , 1 - 4 (2011) doi:10.1038/nature10660 FIG.II: Comparison of protection mediated by various broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies . 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 20 PowerPoint Presentation: AB Balazs et al. Nature 000 , 1 - 4 (2011) doi:10.1038/nature10660 FIG.III: Robustness of CD4 cell protection mediated by b12 antibody . 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 21 PowerPoint Presentation: AB Balazs et al. Nature 000 , 1 - 4 (2011) doi:10.1038/nature10660 FIG. IV: Determination of the minimum protective dose of VRC01 in vivo . 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 22 DISCUSSION: In mice it has been proved eevn in low doses also it will work and produce Ab against HIV life long. In non human primates it proved it binding to heparin to prevent coagulation. Donot induce CTL responses. Low low level factor –IX epression . VIP has incresed potency,broader coverage,and greater resistance to escape mutation. DISCUSSION 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 23 Take a home massage ... : Take a home massage ... VIP highly effectiv and safe for human trial through ART. Adherence to ART is the principal predictor of the success of treatment of HIV/AIDS and remains a challenge to HIV/AIDS treatment and care with a wide range of associated risks 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 24 PowerPoint Presentation: Presented By: Madhusmita Dhupal [email protected] 2013-09-26 PROF.SUK NAMGOONG CLASS 25

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