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Published on August 27, 2007

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Make ‘Em Want To Stay! Three Ideas To Decrease Employee Turnover:  Make ‘Em Want To Stay! Three Ideas To Decrease Employee Turnover What Organizations Can Do :  What Organizations Can Do There are as many reasons people leave as there are people. This presentation will show just three reasons why employees leave and what organizations can do to address them… What Organizations Can Do :  What Organizations Can Do Recognize why people leave and create a plan to encourage retention or… What Organizations Can Do :  What Organizations Can Do …become part of the solution and stop being part of the problem. Where To Begin? :  Where To Begin? Understand that some turnover is to be expected as the workforce ages, jobs are changed or dissolved, layoffs and employees who simply leave for better opportunities. Why People Leave:  Why People Leave Some reasons people leave are: Poor Managers Lack of training Poor work environment Where To Begin? :  Where To Begin? The following steps individually or combined, can help reduce turnover by addressing the listed reasons. Understand that this is a shortlist. Depending on the business, other steps may be required which are designed specific to that particular business. #1 Take The Pulse Of The Organization:  #1 Take The Pulse Of The Organization SURVEYS Companies must continuously measure what’s going on in their organizations. By surveying their employees about their ongoing work, their feelings about it and the management, benefits, etc., they are able to measure and adjust accordingly. The second facet of surveying is during an exit interview. Usually conducted by HR, the employee provides the reasons for leaving. To encourage candid responses companies are encouraged to use third parties to conduct surveys. #2 Manage Your Managers:  #2 Manage Your Managers MANAGERS Companies must take time to train managers in technical management skills as well as the soft skills. Grooming managers should begin long before new managers are needed; before promotions occur. (This is because people are promoted because they have excelled in their current position. While they may have the potential to become managers, they often lack other skills that would help them in the new position.) #3 Uninviting Workplace:  #3 Uninviting Workplace POOR WORK ENVIRONMENT Create a welcoming environment by: Stress Free Orientation Not tolerating discriminatory behavior (ethnic jokes, inappropriate language, etc.) Maintaining discretion Support ongoing learning Considering benefits relative to specific groups (flextime, job sharing) Allowing peer to peer relationships Fair treatment across the board Conclusion:  Conclusion There are many reasons why people leave and companies can’t resolve every one. They can however, take steps which can yield positive, if not immediate, results. Provided they’re willing to use a systematic and consistent way of understanding and addressing why people leave, companies can diminish employee exodus in areas over which they have control.

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