Making Your Furniture Removals or Office Removals easy

Information about Making Your Furniture Removals or Office Removals easy

Published on July 9, 2014

Author: homemove



PowerPoint Presentation: Making Your Furniture Removals or Office Removals easy PowerPoint Presentation: About HomeMove If you need the latest nano -second updates on everything HomeMove – go immediately to our blog, twitter and facebook pages – quick! For those who like to take things a little slower – peruse below at your own leisure. We are proud that HomeMove is rapidly becoming Melbourne's favourite furniture removals , piano removals and office removals company . With over five years industry experience, Homemove is well equipped to provide expert advice and assistance that begins with initial contact and continues until the work is complete . Our talented team takes on each task, big or small, with a friendly and flexible outlook that guarantees happy customers and an easy move . Our local and state-wide removalists do it all. Office moves, residential furniture removals and taxi truck runs for regular business customers. Whether its homes or offices, apartments or warehouses, private or business HomeMove Urban Removalists Melbourne guarantee great service and value for money! PowerPoint Presentation: BOXES AND PACKING Boxes and Packing Materials Packing Paper - $17.50 each 5Kg Ream Suitable for: wrapping fragile items such as glass wear, crockery etc. Tape - $3.80 each L 75m roll x W 4.8 cm Use to: tape boxes, secure draws, attach labels, etc. PowerPoint Presentation: Order Removal Boxes Used Book & Wine Boxes $2.90 each L 40.6 x W 29.8 x H 43.1 cm Suitable for: smaller heavier items such as crockery, cutlery, books etc. Used Tea Chest Boxes $4.30 each L 43 x W 40.6 x H 59.6 cm Suitable for: lighter larger items such as clothing, linen etc. Used Portarobes $15.00 each L 59 x W 50 x H 113 cm Suitable for: hanging clothes. Transport requires station wagon/van. PowerPoint Presentation: Packing Overwhelmed by the thought of having to box up all your belongings? Running out of time? Never fear HomeMove’s well trained; efficient packers can come to the rescue. We’ll wrap it, pad it and box it up to make sure everything is ready for a safe and hassle free move . Our packers typically arrive the day before your move and come prepared with all the necessary boxes & packing materials. You can even take advantage of our *FREE box hire service. Whether you need us pack your entire house or just take care of your fragile kitchen items, we can provide a flexible service that’s right for your situation. PowerPoint Presentation: Box Buy Back We provide 100% recycled removals boxes for those people choosing HomeMove as their furniture removals company . We will even buy back your HomeMove boxes when you have finished with them. We will collect for free within a 25km radius of Melbourne cbd . (Applies to a minimum return of 25 boxes). Buy Back Price Per Bookcase box - $1 Per Tea chest box - $1 Per Portrobe - $ 5 Box Delivery Costs A $25 fee applies per delivery of boxes. We will collect your buy back boxes for free. Otherwise you can simply pick up or drop them off at our Brunswick office . Writing on Boxes To be eligible for a buy back please DO NOT WRITE ON THE BOXES . If you need to label boxes, please write on the tape. Please note, some second hand boxes that we provide may have already been written on by previous customers. PowerPoint Presentation: Removals Rates ALL AMOUNTS SHOWN INCLUDE GST: No. of Movers Weekday Rate Saturday Rate Sunday Rate 4.4 Tonne Truck (3 Tonne Tare) 1 Man $99 p/h $109 p/h $119 p/h 2 Men $120 p/h $140 p/h $150 p/h 3 Men $160 p/h $190 p/h $210 p/h Capacity : approx. 19 cubic metres Great for carrying : just a few items, most 2 bedroom home furniture removals or apartments, small office removals RATES PowerPoint Presentation: No. of Movers Weekday Rate Saturday Rate Sunday Rate 10.4 Tonne Truck (6 Ton. Tare eqivalent ) 2 Men $149 p/h $169 p/h $179 p/h 3 Men $189 p/h $219 p/h $239 p/h Capacity : approx. 36 cubic metres Great for carrying : most 3 or 4 bedroom homes or apartments, medium to large offices, warehouses PowerPoint Presentation: How We Charge From the time we start at your place to the time we finish + Call Out Fee. We charge in 1/2 hour increments, rounded up . Call Out Fee Each suburb has a set Call Out Fee measured in minutes. Please call and we can provide a quote for your particular move. Other charges credit card fee of $10. 5% fuel levy if travelling outside 15km radius from pick up. road tolls, parking fines or parking fees are payable by the customer. difficult lifts or heavy items may incur extra charges     eg . Balcony lifts: $15 per item, Piano and Pool table moves - $50 fee. Please call for Public Holiday rates . Packing Rates : $59 per hour per man. PowerPoint Presentation: Removals FAQs If the answers below don't satisfy your particular query, feel free to jump on the phone or shoot us an email, we’re here to help! Can I keep costs down by helping with the furniture removals ? Jump on in!! You can help our removalists as little or as much as you like. The faster the move, the more you save ! How much notice do you need for the booking ? You can book for same day service if you like. However, the more notice you give us the more likely we will be available at the time that you require a furniture removalist . One to two weeks' notice is standard . Do Homemove furniture removals dismantle or reassemble furniture ? We sure do. Our Home-boys carry basic tools and are happy to take apart and put back together beds, shelving or any similar items . How long will the move take ? This depends on a number of factors including, the nature and number of the items to be moved, the access ( eg stairs or lift) at either end of the move and how close we can park the truck to your front door. As a rough guide: One bedroom: 2 to 3 hours Two bedrooms: 3 to 4 hours Three to Four bedrooms: 6.5 to 8 hours Rest assured that our professional furniture removalists always aim to move you as efficiently and safely as possible. PowerPoint Presentation: Does Homemove have insurance ? We have Public Liability Insurance for pick up and drop off properties. In relation to the items we are transporting you are protected by our HomeMove Hero's - Pledge of Care . This is our written guarantee to repair damage caused by our negligence up to the value of $5000 per item. You MUST: 1. be present for the duration of the move and, 2. report damage before job completion. We recommend you click here and read our full terms and conditions, so you know exactly what we do and don't cover. Insurance Options: If you need further cover against loss or damage to your goods then we recommend that you take out insurance before the relocation. You may be able to: 1. simply add insurance for the removal onto your current policy for household contents, or 2. book online with insurers such as . When and how do I pay ? You can pay by cash, visa or master card. All payments must be made immediately at the completion of each furniture removals job. A $10 fee applies to all credit card transactions PowerPoint Presentation: Why does Homemove charge by the hour for furniture removals ? Charging by the hour results in a cheaper price. Sales people from other companies calculate a fixed price based on the estimated MAXIMUM time each part of your move will take. They always allow for additional time, so fixed prices are costed to the maximum time your move may take. What times can I start my move ? We have three start slots: Morning slot: 7:50 am start. Mid slot: we could arrive anytime between 11 and 1:30pm. Arvo slot: we could arrive anytime between 2pm and 4:30pm. It is difficult for us to give an exact start time for our Mid and Arvo slots. Instead we give you a start window as well as a call 30 minutes before we arrive. If the times above don’t work for you, please give us a buzz and we'll try to be flexible. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Phone ( 03) 9077 3120 URL E-mail [email protected] Book or Quote For bookings or quotes Click Here

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