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Published on July 14, 2014

Author: golddiamond



PowerPoint Presentation: Man Made Diamond Jewelry Welcome to Gold Diamond Jewelry! We have been designing beautiful jewelry with the best synthetic diamonds and man made diamonds for over a decade. With these pieces, you can truly have the best of both worlds. Our lab created diamonds are displayed in vintage settings, so they have a wide appeal that can be enjoyed by all. Our experts have been helping people with their diamond purchases for the last ten years – and people have come to trust in our expertise. Gold Diamond Jewelry has been designing award-winning engagement rings for several generations. Our man made diamond rings are vintage in character and have a modern, vogue, cross-generational appeal. PowerPoint Presentation: Bridal Rings Saying “I Do” is one of the most important moments in your life. Make sure you’re saying your vows with one of our gorgeous synthetic diamond engagement and bridal rings from our collection. Created by our award winning artisans, these lab created diamonds may be only a portion of the price, but do not lack quality in any way, shape, or form. That way on your special day, you can commit your lives to one another without breaking the bank, knowing that what you received from our man made diamond engagement rings is going to last a lifetime. Economy Class Rings Affordable, stunning, and eye-catching, our collection of economy class man made diamond rings is a great fit for someone on a budget. Our gorgeous man made diamond engagement rings in this collection are just as pristine, clear, and dazzling as the rest of the rings in our collection, but they’re designed to be a little simpler. These economy class synthetic diamond rings are ideal for those who are looking for a stunning diamond at a fraction of the cost. PowerPoint Presentation: Diamond Show Ring &Band Hand carved vintage style, with fourteen prong set real diamonds, in 14K [4gram] Solid Gold [.25ct] Matching Band Included..Historically Show Ring Winners 2012, appreciate in value 15%-25% annually as a collectors’ item. Marquise Star Larger Faceted design, has more, spectacular light reflection and fire..The new model is a Marquise shape with a balanced table to depth ratio similiar to the new, popular, fancy pear cut..This new marquise fancy facet pattern, has a measured brilliance and scintillation reading, compared to other standard marquise stones. Many gemologist feel it’s new balanced, larger facet design, patterned after the master Russian-Israel diamond cutters, is the best on the market. Sona’s marquise Star has brilliance and fire of the new super faceted pear design, achieved within the Marquise Modified Brilliant larger facet pattern. PowerPoint Presentation: For More Information Please Visit Our Sites

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