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Published on June 7, 2016

Author: HankHoch



1. Say … it’s almost as if some folks don’t want to solve the world’s problems … ©060616draft M A N I F E S T O G O

2. Anon … image problem. People don’t need to be more scared… Nope. ©060616draft M A N I F E S T O G O

3. It’s a knowledge problem. People need to be more aware… and hopeful. ©060616draft M A N I F E S T O G O

4. ©060616draft M A N I F E S T O G O To be in a position to hurt someone, and to choose not to… True power

5. We have all the time in the wor… NOT. ©060616draft M A N I F E S T O G O Our logo symbolizes the Earth and that part which we have already consumed. Resources are finite, humanity greedy, nay rapacious, and if unchecked this isn’t going to end well … In the lower globe of the egg timer is an origami ‘N’, a folded spark to ignite a new gentler way of going about things. The circle illustrates a ‘Zero’ or the Nothing that will be left … unless …

6. ©060616draft M A N I F E S T O G O H.G. Wells declared what was needed was a “New World or nothing. We have to make a new world for ourselves or we shall suffer and perish amidst the downfall of the decaying old.” What we think of as progress is hampered by the same negative human trait that has prevented positive social synthesis when past opportunities to fulfil our potential fell by the wayside … greed.

7. ©060616draft M A N I F E S T O G O Mr. Obama … before you make a complete TTIP of yourself, read this… H.G. Wells met Roosevelt in 1936, Leacock published this in 1939. Great minds were definitely not at war, before the whole world was …

8. ©060616draft M A N I F E S T O G O Oh Dear. Society has over- dosed on debt. We don’t have to look too hard, or too far to find the pushers. They are aided and abetted by our own elected officials. How do we react as a society? We make jokes about them … and nothing changes (for the better).

9. ©060616draft M A N I F E S T O G O The future’s bright … the future’s … dubious. H.G. Wells observed how Roosevelt as POTUS had appealed “for such knowledge and understanding as existed to come to his aid…” Here was someone, the most powerful world leader of the time “open and receptive for the organized information and guidance… that wasn’t there.”

10. ©060616draft M A N I F E S T O G O Here was someone, the most brilliant thinker in the world at that time… perhaps of any time … … and yet information and guidance wasn’t there? Now we have the World Brain … what will our excuse be this time?

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